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Losing weight with some easy steps

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Weight loss is a national goal for us now. There are so many children with weight issues and so many adults trying to lose weight but they can’;;;;t. They gain back the weight they lost and they suffer from weight problems over and over again. It’;;;;s hard walking around being size 13 but there are solutions if you seek them. You can try to exercise, live a healthier lifestyles or involve yourself in social activities so you are less likely to stay at home and be tempted to over indulge yourself. I think it’;;;;s possible to lose weight and keep it off. It’;;;;s just a matter of commitment and if there’;;;;s a will then there’;;;s a way. I truly believe in this. I think that there are people out there who wants to lose weight but they are not committed enough to lose them. They love to eat junk food and not work out and they don’;;;;t want to change their lifestyles.

I know lots of people and patients that I work with who have weight problems but they will not want to change their lifestyles or want to cut down their junk food consumption. They love those things so it’;;;;s hard for them to lose weight. I think the first step is to tell yourself that you want to lose weight and you will put in some effort and commitment to do it. I think a mental effort and commitment is the first and most important step before a person can do it. I know it’;;;;s not easy losing 100lbs right away but you will over time, over a couple of months, if you are set out to do it. You can do it and here are a few tips to help you get on track easily.

Have a journal

The first step is to have a journal. This is where you will write down your plan and where you will write down your feelings and diet and how you will evaluate yourself later on. It’;;;;s hard to keep track without a journal. This is also a great way to take a visual look at yourself and your habits and see where things go wrong. I did this for awhile and I notice that I was doing the emotional eating. I saw that I spend a lot of time alone eating myself away cause I was bored and I gain weight that way so I try to change that lifestyle habit. I try not to be alone so often and not to eat while I’;;;;m alone. You can get a cheap one at the dollar store and you can collect your journal recording and reflect upon it or share it with others who want to lose weight.

Write down your commitment

Write down your commitment to losing weight. Why do you want to lose weight? How much do you want to lose? How are you going to do it? How long will it take for you take the weight off? How will losing weight help you out in life? Write down your feelings and commitment and remind yourself everyday why you want to lose weight. It could be for health benefit, to look for a date, to look good for your job, or just to be like everyone else and blend in.

Write down your plan

Planning is very important and it helps you organize your daily work out and eating pattern. This will show you what you will need to do like how much calories you will cut down and how much physical activities you will put in. This will show how you will make lifestyle changes, such as reducing your tv time, or reducing your time in the kitchen or reducing your time spend alone. For example, this is my first week plan for losing weight, diet and work out plan.

Day one: Today I will get out and walk my dog for one hour to start out. I will go home and have my lunch, but I will put in lots of fruits and veggies and cut down on junk food. I will have a salad instead of Mcdonalds like the usual. I will drink water or tea but not shakes or soda. For snack, I will snack on some yogurt and fruits instead of candy bars or ice cream or fries. I will spend sometimes at the bookstore doing my homework while being around people so I’;;;;m not alone and eating cause I’;;;;m lonely. I will tend to stop by the mall and do a half an hour window shopping to check out people and things so that I’;;;;m not spending time alone at home eating. So this little plan looks healthy and easy to do for a starter. I’;;;;m not doing any hardcore workout or cut back on eating, but I’;;;;m training myself to slowly changing my habits. Habits do get us in trouble so change your habits to good ones.

Tell the world

Tell the world what you’;;;;re going to do, like blogging or texting your family or friends or record down on your journal. Join a weight loss group online so you can share everyday and have people that will share similar experiences with you. This will help you stay on track. The more you tell people, the more you’;;;;re likely to stay on top of your goals. It’;;;;s good to involve people.

Assess your weaknesses

Assess your weaknesses, like why are you over eating, some people have depression problems, or problems in their life that makes eating a rewarding thing for them cause nothing else is going right. This is call emotional eating. I know people in this kind of situation can’;;;;t blame themselves for their behavior but recognize that you’;;;;re eating on emotional impulses might help. Your mind like to be rewarded for more than punished, so eating is something that your mind learned to love over time if it’;;;;s not getting any rewards from anything else. Give yourself small healthy rewards instead.

Change in lifestyle

Changing your lifestyle might be one of the best step toward weight loss. If you sit in front of the TV a lot and you don’;;;;t work out, it’;;;;s easy to gain weight this way, so you can choose to be more active and sit less in front of the TV and try walking your dog instead so this will help. Or you can buy a cycling machine and bike while you watch TV so you can get two things done at once. This will really benefit you. You will be entertained while losing weight at the same time. If you spend a lot of time at home alone and this tend to make you eat more, then you should make plans to go out more so you don’;;;;t have a lot of time to sit at home and eat.

See a professional

If you try so hard but the weight won’;;;;t go away, I suggest you go and see a professional and they can write out a plan to help you lose weight. Sometimes certain health problems might make it harder for you to lose weight like hormones imbalances, depression, medication, stress, childbirth and many more.

Evaluate yourself

Evaluate yourself on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to see if you’;;;;re doing any good. If you are on track, then you’;;;;re set to lose weight but if you’;;;;re not, then you should do things that are keeping you from being on track. Give yourself a check mark if you achieved your goals and reward yourself for those good behaviors.


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