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Who is at risk for getting cancer

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People who smokes

If you smoke, you increase your chances of having cancer later on in life by more than 50 percent.
There is nothing like smoking and cancer. It goes hand in hand. Most people who smoke end up with cancer later on in life.
Just because you don’;t have cancer currently, it doesn’;t mean that you won’;t end up with cancer later on.
Smoking will destroy your lungs cells, and it will transmitt to the rest of your body. Cancer cells grow all over once they are in late stage.
It’;s without a doubt that you will run into a lot of health problems if you do smoke. It’;s never too late to stop. Your body will recover once you stop smoking.

People who have uncured stds

STDs do give people cancer like HPV. Uncured HPV can give women cervical or uterine cancer or throat cancer if it’;s from oral HPV.
HPV now has a trend to give women cancer and a lot of women have died from this std. There is a vaccine nowadays for hpv. You can get it.
You should check for hpv if you have multiple partners in the past. It’;s better to get it treated then end up dying from cancer.

People from a foreign country

If you are from a foreign country, you are more likely to be prone to cancer due to poor access to healthcare.
You are also eating and drinking contaminated food that can cause cancer.
Food that have been harvested from the farm can contain harmful pesticides that are not washed off properly.
Plants and fruits can also contain harmful bacteria and viruses contaminated during the farming process and harvesting process.
People from rural areas are really bad at washing food or avoid contamination.
If you are from a large city then you might be different, and you might know sanitation and good practice when it comes to eating.
When I go back to my country, I still see many unsanitary eating conditions. However, things are improving a little.
This is why you will always hear about cancer in China like lung cancer or TB or hepatitis due to poor sanitation practice.

People with poor healthcare

If you haven’;t been to a doctor for a check up, you might not know if you already have a disease goin on.
If you haven’;t seen your doctors in years, chances are you are having illnesses that you are not aware of.
It’;s time to get to your doctor and get a check up. It’;s best to get a check up regularly so you know if you have any illness.

People who do drugs

Drugs can cause you to end up with many illness and cancer due to the fact that some drugs can alter the cells activities or destroy its dna material.
Drugs are very harmful to your health. It can fry your cells like an egg yolk on a hot oil pan. It’;s best not to do drugs if you don’;t want to end up with cancer.

People who have family with cancer

DNA and genetics do pass down from your family. If you family tend to have certain kind of illness or cancer, it might pass down to you. It’;s best to get yourself check out at the doctor’;s office.
The earlier you detect it, the best is your chance of survival.

Sun exposure

You can increase your risk of skin cancer if you tan out for hours. It’;s very harmful for your skin. It’;s best to stay in the shade if you do go to the beach. You should
wear sunscreen and a hat and use a large umbrella at the beach. If you tan out for hours, you might risk yourself of getting skin cancer. Tanning outside in the sun is harmful.

Environmental risks

Second hand smoke can cause cancer. If you work at a place where there is second hand smoke, you might end up with cancer. If you are exposed to harmful chemical agents at your workplace, then you might
risk yourself of getting cancer later on in life. People that were in the Vietnam war were exposed to agent orange and had cancer. If you do nails, you might be exposed to harmful chemical on a daily basis.



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