Sunday, December 17

Evolution of earth.

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The destiny of human being is to use the nature and if he’;;s kind,on using nature, everything is ok.

We are on the time,that nature is on the end.This is part of evolution and maybe the only way,for the human being to appreciate nature.If we imagine that animals suffer,not because we eat them but because of some people,it’;;s necessary for the nature to relax,its necessary a New Age to rise.

But we have to think,is it possible to survive out of nature?It can’;;t to wear a mask of oxygen,down of air-condition and eat only hamburgers.People, will suffer if we don’;;t make special towns,for the people.

But, who cares for the people?The politicians, don’;;t care about the poor working persons and destroyed people

because they don’;;t care for others.People, care about money and not for people. As better you become from the others as much poison you sent to them.

As more you have,as less you give.The people who has nothing,only gives.But what is impossible for people, is possible for God.

And something else,happy nature is free nature, but happens terrible things in that freedom.To be safe maybe is more important than freedom.But what is freedom?

Where is God is also freedom tells the bible.Freedom is not to need somebody,to do what you like in your life and that is the results of a good job,a good family.It is not a good result,but right for everybody not to die first and then to make the job of his dreams or never.

For the God person does bad so he needs God to do good.But person for God is free, to do even bad.

Bible tells where is God is freedom but politician people does not keep in mind.

Special for Greece a nowdays depressive country,full of destroyed people.


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