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Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath

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Bad breath can make you a social outcast in various gatherings; it can bring down your confidence to mingle with your friends and may even ruin your romantic date. Why go through such embarrassing moments when there are simple ways to get out of all this.

1) BRUSH – Brushing your teeth after every meal is always the best thing to do. Brushing helps to remove away the food particles that get lodged in between your teeth which can   later lead to bacterial accumulation responsible for producing the fetid odour. Brushing regularly benefits your teeth, gums as well as your personal hygiene.

 Try brushing in all directions, doing first one side of your upper teeth then the other, then do the same with the bottom teeth. Try reaching out to even the molars and wisdom teeth and removing the particles from every surface.

Use a paste of bicarbonate of soda and water to help remove any superficial stains like coffee, tea, wine, cola and cigarette stains.

2) FLOSS– Try to make it a habit to floss your teeth at least once a day after your meal. This too helps to remove the unwanted food particles and dirt that gets accumulated which becomes a source of food for the bacteria.

 Depending upon your teeth spacing, there are floss of different kinds available. In case of crowded teeth go for single filament waxed or silk floss as it can easily slide between your teeth.

Though flossing at times might produce little bleeding don’;t get perturbed, continue to floss as it helps to strengthen your gums and reduce inflammation.

3) CLEAN TONGUE– Isn’;t tongue too a part of your oral cavity. Hence it is very essential to clean our tongue every single day, at least before night. A lot of food particles get accumulated on the surface of the tongue too, but gets unnoticed. This can again cause bacteria and dead cells to accumulate and add to poor oral hygiene. 

Try to use a tongue scraper or tongue brush to clean your tongue and rinse your mouth with clear water to eliminate the food particles. 

4) WATER– Drinking water has proven to be beneficial. Drinking plenty of water helps to keep your body and mouth hydrated .When the mouth becomes dry there is an accumulation of dead cells upon which the microorganisms feed on producing a fetid odour. Water also helps to remove food particles from your mouth which otherwise would have started decomposing in your mouth.

5) SWEET FOOD STUFFS-. Try to avoid food stuffs that are extremely sweet or sticky because if these substances are not removed from the mouth they act as good culture medium for the bacteria to grow and start rapidly multiplying eventually producing plaques.Plaque is the enemy of your tooth and can destroy your tooth and gum and is an extremely painful condition.

6) STRONG SMELLING FOOD – Certain food stuffs like onion, garlic can produce a strong pungent odour. Try to have such food stuffs in small proportions and rinse your mouth thoroughly after consumption of such food.

7)ALCOHOL AND SMOKING–   Avoid smoking and probably drink alcohol only in moderation as they have strongodours. Try to use a mouth wash or a mouth spray to stop bad breath or at least mask the odour once you are done.

8) MEDICATIONS–  There are certain medicines that can cause dry mouth. Dry mouth causes decreased saliva production and the accumulated food cannot be removed away naturally. This leads to the food feeding bacteria to proliferate and producing a bad breath. Try to go for sugar free chewing gums or sucking mints as this helps to increase the salivary production

9) NATURAL CURE– Natural herbs like parsley, coriander are very helpful as they contain abundant chlorophyll which is a powerful breath fresher.

Cardamoms seeds can be chewed and then spit out also help as it a strong antiseptic and can to kill the bacteria. 

Peppermint or spearmint tea is excellent as it not only facilitates good digestion but also helps to remove the bad odour from the mouth. 

10) DENTAL CHECK UP– Make it a point to visit your dentist at least every 6 months to get your teeth cleaned. It helps you to get rid of plaques, bad odour and make your teeth look neat,clean and sparkling.


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