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About art in India.

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The indian art had very wide scope the reason of cultural, religious and philosophical conditions. The history of art in India begun with the pictures on the rock in Bhimbetka, where are settled the shelters under the rocks. The pictures in the shelters are  painted 9000 years ago. the indian art always was connected with religious values, what were reflection of the ideas and the notions that contributed to coming into being in the country new religions: Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism.

The residents of India were characterized by unusually emotional perception of the world of nature and the sculpture was the fullest developed form of art. Very characteristic for indian art were heavy and wonderfully formed the figures forming the idea of organic life. the simplicity and the modesty of the art were supported in the period of the Gupta Empire, despite Buddhism took at the time a lot of elements of older mythology such as Yakshini – female spirit of the tree, that was showed as a nubile dancer with a big bust. The indian art reached its influence outside India. Angkor Wat is the largest out of  many Hindu style temples built in Cambodia at the end of XI age. According to primordial idea the building joint of the temple with the palace of divine king of Khmers. Among Buddhist temples the largest is built on the hill Borobudur on Java, templecovered with the reliefs whose origins date back to IX age. Buddhism, everywhere where he reached contributed to the formation of separate and at the same time having common artistic traditions.


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