Wednesday, December 13

Male Sexuality – Redefined

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There is a small but growing number of men around the world who wish to reinvent themselves sexually.

They are eunuchs, men who have had their testicles removed. This is not as a result of disease or accidents but a life decision to have the burden of testosterone removed from their lives once and for all. Castration can take two forms- one is chemical castration where the testicles are not removed but medication is taken daily to simulate the effects of castration. when the medication is stopped, the man reverts back to his previous physical condition of being under the effect of the hormone testosterone. This treatment is used often to treat sexual offenders such as rapist who feel they have no control over their urges to sexually molest children or other adults. The advantage of chemical castration is that it is not permanent. Once the medication is stopped, the castration effects are reversed.

The other form of castration is surgical castration. This is permanent. The testicles are removed from the scrotum along with the spermatic cords which carry sperm from the testes to the outside of the body through ejaculation or orgasm. This is becoming a popular option for people who wish to be free of the male sex hormone testosterone. Many men report the “eunuch calm” which causes big changes in their attitudes towards life. Many castrated men report having a much more calm and serene attitude towards life. Things which had previously made them angry or upset now seems much more manageable. Castration for many causes the person to “take everything in stride” and to “go with the flow” and be more accepting of things.

Castration has been practiced for thousands of years in human history. Kings had eunuchs guarding their harems because castrated men could not cause pregnancy. Castration more often then not has been a punishment inflicted on those for many offenses.

There is a religious sect in India called the Hijra. These people are caled the third sex- neither male or female, but a third gender. Many are castrated males who wish to be free of gender classification. Recently Hijras have won the right in India to have the letter – E- for eunuch stamped on their passports and other government documents.

Similar groups exist in other parts of Asia and the rest of the world.

While eunuchs cannot reproduce, there is an alternative available. Many men have banked their sperm prior to having an orchidectomy. If they decide to have children sometime after this procedure, artificial insemination is used on the women to conceive a child.

Castration of course causes a drop in sexual drive and in the frequency and quality of erections. There is a solution to this also. Eunuchs who want an increase in their libido can take HRT or hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone hormones can be taken orally or in a testosterone patch on the skin. This causes a restoration of the sex drive that was lost after surgery. To stop the increased libido, the HRT is simply discontinued.

Eunuchs say that now after castration, they have total control over their sexuality. They can have sex because they want to, not because they are compelled to because of the hormones surging through their system.

I feel that the medical and mental health professions should recognize that for men, becoming a eunuch is not a mental disorder but a lifestyle choice. What a person does with his or her own body is no ones business but the person’;s.



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