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Yellowfin Business Intelligence 4.0 Releases for International Customers

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Yellowfin Business Intelligence 4.0 Releases for International Customers

Yellowfin 4.0 presents Location Intelligence and extra advantages to explore, quarry and visualize information

Yellowfin, a top Australian Business Intelligence software program designer, today declared the launch of its improved flag ship method, Yellowfin Business Intelligence 4.0. The fresh version has an enhanced consumer interface utilizing Web 2.0 technologies to send out an excellent customer experience as well as a variety of fresh functional aspects such as Location Intelligence.

Released in 2004, Yellowfin is created to be simple to operate, bringing the advantages of business intelligence to a broader variety of business customers in a company. It is completely Online, instinctive to utilize, an easy task to set up and has a low entire cost of ownership. The utilization of wizards and regular Internet navigation implies that anybody comfy utilizing a Internet browser can rapidly visualize information by using charting, trending, dashboards and alerts.

In accordance with Glen Rabie, Yellowfins CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, the organization has continued to concentrate on creating revolutionary BI technologies.

Yellowfin is devoted to offering Online BI software which is not just a pleasurable consumer experience but also sends insight via innovative information visualisation,” he specified.

The addition of Location Intelligence to Yellowfin permits companies to introduce location based reporting in to the business judgement making process without the need of Geographic Information Systems expertise. Yellowfin 4.0 allows a range of mapping visualisations to be utilized such as Google Maps, Heat Maps or fully enabled GIS data type rendering.

Along with Yellowfin 4.0, we have used 2 fully developed technologies and merged them, developing a special symbiosis which creates innovative ways to visualize information. Organizations will discover map visualisation enables them to remove the usual limitations connected with conventional graphs and table ideas and instead explore information depending on spatial factors,” stated Rabie.

We have started out this wealthy performance towards the informal business consumer who can now comprehend the advantages of location based reporting in the business judgement making period. You will no longer need to be a GIS professional to get location based insights.”

Yellowfin Business Intelligence has been making a calm innovation with its easy to use, Web dedicated, embeddable Business Intelligence software program . Over 80 % of its profits now are derived from abroad, sold through either resellers or OEM companions that add Yellowfin into their applications.

Yellowfin 4.0 is a important improvement that is going to be welcomed by our clients and companions. We have supplied many fresh functional aspects and maintained the focus on enhancing the present application,” Rabie explained. “A huge section of Yellowfin 4.0 has been concentrated on improving existing performance by changing the consumer interface. To this ending we have totally re designed the view creator and graph creator utilizing the newest in AJAX techniques to supply a really wow element to what is usually regarded as a ordinary task.”

This continued investment in the consumer interface is a sign of Yellowfins advancement philosophy. All of us do not trust in technology that you need to read the guide to utilize. Our aim has usually been to improve the consumer interface with a highly instinctive flow of work to steer the consumer through what is usually regarded as complicated procedures,” Rabie explained.

Yellowfin 4.0 is an additional step forward for all of us, our customers and our companion base. We are looking forward to the advantages that it will send to our clients, offering them with extra capacity to discover, mine and visualize their information,” Rabie came to the conclusion.

About Yellowfin

Yellowfin is an Australian Business Intelligence firm whose BI method will be very easily incorporated into any kind of 3rd party application or sent as a standalone business system. Yellowfin is a revolutionary and versatile 100% web based method for reporting and analytics, offering a complete variety of information entry, introduction and data sending abilities.


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