Gardening: Perennials That Love Shade.

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The best time to start a shade garden would be in the late spring when the soil is moist and warm. If you have a deep love gardening then you should plant some perennials that love shade. Here are some beautiful, eye-catching perennial flowers that will make your garden come alive.

Coral Bells. These flowers can be found in over sixty unique species. The leaves on Coral bells can range from bronze, green, and grey. Flowers can be red or green, but sometimes they can be ivory.

Lily of the Valley. If you want flowers that smell good in your shade garden then you should consider planting some Lily of the Valley plants. This plant grows best when it is in clay soil and the flowers are shaped like small white bells.

Columbine. On the other hand if you want to make a shade garden that requires light watering then you should buy some columbine seeds. The flowers bloom towards late spring and come in the colors, yellow, pink, white, blue, and red.

Bleeding Heart. One of the most popular perennials to plant are known as bleeding heart. The flowers start blooming in early May and are pink in color. Flowers are heart shaped and sometimes they can be red in color besides pink. They best in mostly drained soil with a touch of moisture.

Bearded Iris. Maybe you should rather have long lasting perennials in your garden then you should buy some bearded iris seeds to plant. This plant can do well in just about any soil, but it will need to be drained in order for the plants to survive. They usually bloom in early April to late June.

Astilbe. Or would you rather have some perennials that are easy to grow? If so, be sure to obtain some Astilbe plants. They bloom in mid spring to late summer on long stalk like stems. Astilbe can be white, pink and red depending on the species.


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