Sunday, December 17

Get Happy!

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1.THINK HAPPY TOUGHTS. Your brain is a powerful tool–so powerful in fact, that you tend to attract whatever you think about. If you’;;re always thinking of how things might go wrong, they will probably go wrong! Focus on the positive side of any situation and think about what you’;;re thankful for. Besides, there will always be things to woory about, but whether you let them get to you is up to you.

2. GIVE FREE HUGS. There’;;s nothing like human contact to instanlty make you feel better. In fact, hugs have been proven to boost your immune system, cure depression, and reduce stress–with no unpleasant side effects! So instead of crossing your arms and sulking, stretch your arms wide and give a good long hug to everyone you meet!

3. GET MOVING. Exercising releases endorphins or happy hormones into your body. This natural hormonews sends feel–good signals to you brain! So instead of bingeing on ice cream when you’;;re feeling low (sugar can make you happy at first, but cranky when its effect wear off), get off the couch and start dancing, playing tennis on your Wii–anything to make you break a sweat and get your heart pumping! not only will your heart grow stronger, it will feel much lighter too!

4. MAKE A CHANGE. Sometimes what gets us down is feeling helpless and out of control in a situation. Remember, change rarely happens overnight, so vow to take a small step today (and really take it, don’;;t just write it down and forget about it). Moving forward intead of feeling stuck will give you that thrilling rush of empowerment you need!

5. BE ONE WITH NATURE. Take a stroll in the park, go on hiking trip or stay outdoors on a clear, sunny day (did you know that natural sunlight is a proven cure for beating the blues). Getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life and taking time to appreciate the wonders of nature will help clear your mind, calm your senses and remind you that the world is still a beautiful place!

6. ADOPT A PET. If you can commit your time and energy (and if your parents will allow you), go ahead and get a pet. Proving you are a responsible gal will make you feel good about yourself, plus loving, loyal pets are also known to calm you down and make you happy just by being around!

7. JOIN A WORTHWHILE PROJECT. The blues can be boredom in disguise, when you feel like there’;;s nothing more you can do with your life (school-home-school-home-boohoo!). Participating in a project will not only surround you with great people who care about the same thing you do, it’;;ll give you another cool reason to get up and get going! (“Today, we will achieve greatness and help the world!)

8. KEEP A “THANKYOU” JOURNAL. Take time everyday to make al ist of the things you’;;re thankful for: “the good food my mom prepared for lunch”, for example, or “being strong and healthy.” Keeping a record of a good things in your life will help you appreciate what you’;;ve got instead of feeling sad about what you wish you had. Plus, next time you feel down, you can re-read your entries, and rember what makes your life so fab.

9. CREATE SOMTHING. Put together a scrapbook, write a poem or cook your fave meal. Tapping into your creative energy will allow you to center your thoughts and express your feelings. You can even turn bad feelings you’;;ve been keeping inside into something beautiful!

10. MAKE SOMEONE ELSE HAPPY. Give your li’;;l bro that last piece of chocolate, compliment your sister on her outfit or treat your friend to a snack over recess. The great thing about happiness is that, when you share it with others, it doubles! Plus taking care of someone os a great way to give love–and doesn’;;t it feel great to give love?


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