Monday, December 11

Boiling Point

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History has always had infamous leaders those despots of terror who have imposed their will upon their populations. It has played out too many times through-out history when leaders have become so entrenched in their rule no matter how well intentioned they seemed to be at first, but once they are thrust into power continue to garnish more power and control at the expense of their people.  But, like that tried and true old saying the longer they remain in power well, just remember “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Half a world away lies Syria a country embroiled in bitter revolution. It has become a boiling pot that has already boiled over spilling the blood of hundreds of thousands. This country has already created that tempest of rebellion the likes of which could ignite the whole Mid-East into an inferno. For over two years now armed open rebellion against an entrenched ruler has ripped apart the country like a gaping mortal wound. Against a backdrop of terror, mayhem and slaughter here comes lone wolf McCain. 

A clandestine affair to say the least that very few people actually knew Senator McCain flew to Syria and openly met with Syrian Rebel leaders. It seems the minute that he stepped off that plane he opened op a Pandora box like scenario. This meeting was no coincidence either the way it was scripted. Already there were mounting concerns in Europe as to the urgency to lift the arms embargo on Syria. With the help of Lone Wolf McCain  as some would like to call him the European Union just did.

It appears now that more fears from the decision to openly supply the Syrian rebel forces with more weaponry more lives will be lost and now a foreign arms race will undoubtedly ensue. With Russia still supplying sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles to the Assad regime and now the European Union lifting the arms embargo to supply the rebel forces with more arms and ammunition all of the Mid-East is being orchestrated into a nightmare of deadly consequences.

Instead of trying to broker agreement with President Assad and the rebel forces Senator McCain put the emphasis on supplying more means of destruction for an already ravaged country beset by civil war. In every conflict through-out history there are always two or more sides that have remained at an impasse as to how to solve their differences. The problem has always been not finding a common denominator on which everyone can agree on. As a result of the logger jam between both sides force is applied to pressure one side or another to capitulate and adopt the will of the other side or perish.

In a civil war as in Syria, President Assad has staunchly rebuffed the demands by the Syrian rebel forces and with the help of the Russian and Chinese governments continue to mount retaliation measures upon those who openly oppose him. Again we can use history to illustrate what has happened to ignite this civil war. Oppression of any kind imposed by any government fuels the fire that ignites the flames of aggression. The Arab spring in Egypt and in Libya are prime examples of retaliatory measures by the populace against a leader who has become so entrenched, ignores, and is oblivious to the needs and concerns of their population.

With this continued escalation of armaments being ushered into both the Syrian government and rebel forces with little negotiating to find any common ground the prospects for a peaceful resolution remains elusive. What Senator McCain has done with his impromptu journey into Syria has only fed more fuel to the firestorm of terror that now continues to spread.

As long as both sides are being fed the means to spread the flame of destruction Syria’;;s future is bleak. What must happen to bring peace to the region is going to take the involvement of Russia, China, the European Union, the United States, President Assad, the leaders of rebel forces, Egypt and Israel to come together and work out finding common concerns that will bring an end to the violence and terror that has only continued to devastate the Mid-East. This before this escalates into a travesty that only will spread and endanger the rest of the world.


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