Tuesday, December 12

“Age doesn’t define you as much as your actions will”

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          In December of 2011, I stumbled across a young man in a Whole Foods Market, who shared with me, his story on how he made it to 100 years of age. Many of us would label someone at that age as, “Rare.” As my mind is following his story, I became more intrigued by his spirit and actions. The young man told me, “always eat healthy, stay away from too much junk and keep shopping at Whole Foods Market.” He had felt better about the way his energy lasts throughout the days. The fact that he was 100 years of age, so happy and eager to share this secret with me, made it more than special. This conversation had me speechless!

          As I soaked in his wisdom, I then questioned myself about why I might be hearing this. A random conversation right? Why would he choose me to share this with. It wasn’;t because I had a basket full of junk food, my basket was empty and I looked rather nice that day, at least that’;s what I believe, so it wasn’;t that I looked sick. You see, I had already been wrapping my mind around “what steps I could take to live a long life.” The last thing he said was, “Be positive and always eat the right things now, so you will feel better.” Wow! That snapped me back into reality and I thought, wait a minute! Our bodies only react to what we put it in it and everything has side effects and affects! We choose which ones we want every time we shop. And about being positive? I’;ll just say, being negative never helps anything when you aren’;t happy about how you feel. So, he is absolutely right! Then I realized, to eat better, I had to change my actions. BUT, I LOVE SWEETS, HELLO! This isn’;t going to work, how can I eat sugar and be healthy at the same time? Isn’;t that contradicting? Aha! I would have to eat sugar in moderation as you would with every other food to seek healthy benefits. So, Why am I even sharing this?

          Well, I learned some valuable things here. Not so much of JUST eating healthy, but I can live longer if I change my ALL OF MY HABITS. Wisdom can teach you many valuable lessons. And it wasn’;t that I was stupid or didn’;t know right from wrong! Here’;s the thing……Some times we all need to SEE things in a physical perspective to EMULATE the actions it takes to make, change. We don’;t always believe what we see right away either. That is when you must use your discretion. Mind you, he didn’;t sell me a product that would benefit his pockets, instead he told me a story with a thousand words, that changed the way I did my grocery shopping. Plus his wisdom and my discretion helped me change other habits in my life. Five minutes of his time changed my actions, now I eat better and feel better! I’;ll be young forever!


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