How to Make Gardening Safe and Healthy?

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Most of the people like gardening. Many of them practise gardening as a hobby. It is good for health. It promotes the health of both body and mind. But you should be careful that strenuous gardening may not cause any risk to your health.

The summer weather is warming up. Nature casts away her white winter dress and adorns herself with green ones. People shake off their winter blahs and come out for outdoor activities. They take up gardening cheerfully to make their yards blossom.

With great interest you start your gardening. You search for the garden tools and begin your work with great enthusiasm. You start cleaning up and digging in.

Health hazards of summer gardening

You should take precaution before starting your gardening.

1) Cold winter has been keeping you indoors and exercise free. You have been watching TV or reading something throughout the cold winter. Since the weather has changed you have come out for a strenuous work. You should be aware that sudden change in your lifestyle and physical exertion may affect your normal health.

2) Gardening implies many physical activities. You have to bend, twist, pull, lift and do a lot of body movements. Starting your garden work earnestly and doing hard movements suddenly may affect the limbs of your body. You may develop sprain or body ache. Try to begin your garden work with some light exercises.

3) Staying in bent-over position for a long time may cause you back pain. Kneeling is better than long-time bending. Stand up and stretch your hands and legs often. This will avoid the back pain.

4) Lifting heavy things may also affect your body. If you have to carry a bag of garden soil or fertilizer, bend your knees and lift it in a kneeling position rather than lifting it in a bending position.

5) Using right tools for gardening may avoid many health problems. Some works need light weight tools. Lightweight, long-handled spade or shovel may save you from unnecessary bending movements.

Unless you are careful, chances are there for health problems. Make gardening a pleasant hobby, following the above tips of garden safety.


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