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You are mother!

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Take health care during pregnancy Pregnant mother for mother and child health, prasabapurba care ‘;;;should be done regularly. The ideal is, pregnancy can be a total of 14 specialist doctors, nurses or other health have experienced. Once per month in the first seven months of the total offered seven times (once every four weeks), the eighth month, once every two weeks and then twice the total delivery time of up to a total of five times, once per week (a total of 14 times this becomes standard). But it often becomes possible to do. If it is not possible, the sooner you will be at least three times. 0 for the first week, 3 weeks and 36 weeks’;;; time once once. Pregnant mother’;;;s history Tell the surgeon or sbasthyakarmike last menstrual history. The date of the last menstrual the potential of the child. Previous pregnancy or maternity history will tell. The delivery will normally not need an operation, the hospital will not be at home, her doctor or health decision. Dhanustankarera vaccines are not available, they should be khabarao. If you do not take the vaccine. Health Check Body height and weight that you have not, you do not have anemia, high blood pressure are not – they are ‘;;;prasabapurba care to. Hands, feet or other body of water where it is not (pre – eklampasiya), it – and are tested during pregnancy. Laboratory Testing Blood groups are important. Syphilis, do not have diabetes, it is possible that early treatment is tested over time. Fetus is not growing properly womb, the fetus does not have any physical errors, but not the amount of water inside the uterus, where the uterus is double flowers location, etc. Looking for alatrasanographi’;;;s abasthai how to be treated. Advice Food is healthy A little extra caloric intake should be. Extra food for the child’;;;s womb. Constipation that is, he must have enough food for the fiber. Fiber diet will prevent diabetes. Vitamin and mineral salt intake may be necessary. Vegetables, fruit – can be found in the core. Fish eat better. Medamla fish have omega 3, which is conducive to the child’;;;s development. You will not have enough water to drink every day.

      Take adequate rest Very good – not sitting, the livelong harabhana not labor. I do not have enough rest phamke. Exercise regularly Naturally continue to be daily housework. The walk will be from 0 to 30 minutes during the day. Five days a week at least. I have to be large enough Day night at seven – eight hours. After the noon meal, light sleep. Clothing is comfortable Sutira various organs of the body’;;;s blood supply to the skin and baggy attire is normal. High-heeled shoes is not healthy. The flat sandal. To maintain the normal curvature of the spine. Back, Exodus, and will not foot sore muscles. Avoid cigarette smoke Smoking during pregnancy underweight children in the womb. Passive smoke damage is the same. Skip to direct and indirect smoking continues to be so. ESC prescription drugs Side of the child’;;;s physical and emotional response to drugs may harm womb. The drug can not be registered without doctor prescription. Little – when the application drives itself Nausea or vomiting In particular, in the first three months of the beginning of pregnancy is nausea or vomiting. The problem is when I eat small amounts frequently. Uthei from morning biscuit, toast – National dried food, excessive eating also leads some of the benefits available. Excessive eating also leads to benefit less oily food can be found. If the problem is persistent vomiting more than three months must be recourse to the doctor. Nausea and vomiting The problem may also antenatal esiditira. Esiditi or Nausea and vomiting are frequent small portions of the foods you eat. Oily food, fried – burnt food less spicy food and eat more. Excessive eating also leads to more food not found together in peace. Drinking water should be less than the meal. Drinking more water can be more time between the two meals. Prostrate oneself in bed after eating or not. The doctor suggested ayantasida – The drug can be. Constipation Antenatal may be constipated. Constipation that is, they drink a lot of water for me. At least eight glasses daily. The fiber in foods – such as vegetables, fruit, seed – foods, pulses, wheat flour, etc., will continue to eat more. Any medicine without consulting the doctor can not be used for soft toilet.


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