Travel: Los Angeles , California

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Los Angeles, California is a great place to visit. They have many attractions for family fun. You won’t miss anything in LA. They have everything from museums to theme parks to beaches. One of the best features of LA is Six Flag Magic Mountain. It’s one of the best theme parks in California. Universal Studio is also another great feature of LA. If you like to see how films are made then this is the place. Tickets can be around $40 for adults and less for kids. Malibu beach is one of the best beaches in LA. It’s right next to the PCH and you can stop and wave your hands in water. It resembles the bay area.

There’re many things to do in LA if you plan ahead. There’s one thing that you need to know about LA and that is the traffic jam. LA traffic is very heavy and you can get stuck on the freeway for hours without moving. You can plan ahead so you won’t be late for a show. The major freeways in LA are the 5N, 101N and 405N. Traffics are bad in all three freeways. There’s no free parking in LA. You have to pay everywhere you go.

You can start out by visiting the beach. Santa Monica beach is a very famous place in LA. The pier has many restaurants, shops, rides and games for your entertainment. They have singers even. One of the restaurants on that pier is called Bubba Shrimp which was named after a place in the Forest Gump movie. The beach here is great for surfing. The waves are high and clean. You will see filming here sometimes too. Malibu beach is also another hot spot in LA. This beach is upscale and elegant. This is a movie star beach because they lived there. It’s beautiful and breathtaking. There’s a hill right next to Malibu and you can catch great views from the top. The beach is clean and the landscape is the best. The neighbors are very upscale and you’ll be safe here. Malibu beach is right after Santa Monica beach.

When you’re done with the beach, you can visit the Hollywood strip or Sunset strip. You would go here to see the Walk of fame where all the celebrities’ names are imprinted on the cement. The walk of fame is right outside of the Kodak Theater and you’ll often see many tourists filming and taking photographs here. The Chinese Man Theater is also located here. The Hollywood strip is where locals and tourist gather together in the night time for fun. There’re many bars, night clubs, and stores for you to visit. The sunset strip has many bars, clubs, and stores too. It’s also another fun place to be in LA.

If you want to see how films are made, you can visit Universal Studio. It’s located on the 101 N. You can go on tours or rides. There’re many restaurants there and shops as well. This is a great location to visit with children. Another great destination in LA is the downtown area. You can visit different town and try on different foods. There’re Korea Town, China Town, Little Tokyo, and more. La has everything and you’ll have a great time there.


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