How to Garden for Wildlife

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With a patch of garden to yourself, you can make it into a mini reserve. Grow flowers to attract butterflies and bees; and other insects will come to feed on leaves or sap. Birds will arrive to feed on the insects and on any seeds and berries in the garden.

A pond attracts many animals, including toads, dragonflies, and frogs. It is quite interesting to watch. Many creepy crawlies hide in leaf litter and in a dry stone wall or even in a pile of large stones.

From seeds, wildflowers can be grown. Weeds too attract many insects. Fruiting trees an shrubs can be grown from cuttings then birds will come to eat the fruits and berries. Feed the birds regularly on a bird table, putting the table where cats cannot jump on to the birds.

A few logs in a pile will provide a damp place in a shady place, while in the sun some loose stones on a sandy bed will create a warm spot on which butterflies, moths and lizards can sun themselves.

If you have not got a garden, then grow flowers in window-boxes, hanging baskets or containers. You will be surprised at the number of small animals these simple habitats will attract.

If you have any questions, ask your local green house or nursery.


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