How to save money on purchasing or arranging college books?

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Expenses of 500 bucks or even more on the textbooks only, which are applicable in just one semester; how reasonable, is that? Reasonable, not at all! But, what are the other options. Yes, there are some pretty reasonable and beneficial options available for saving your money on each semester’s textbooks. You must be guessing about those options; so let’s check them out, and get brief information about each of them. 

  1. Go for used books

Used textbooks are the best alternatives of new books. Financial weak students always use this option for their studies, to save the extra expense on textbooks. The rates of the used books are obviously very low than the brand new ones. You can also ask your senior students for the used textbook. But, there is a problem that you have to borrow it from the seniors, and you might have to return it in the crucial period of your studies. So, it’s better to have your own. You can get it from college bookstores, which are providing it at a reasonable price. Some of them are offering great discount on the used ones also, which makes the price of those textbooks almost half of their brand new edition. For finding these bookstores anywhere in US, you can go for a little online research, and get the best deals, easily. That’s how you can get the same knowledge from the same textbook, and that is also at the half of the price of the new one.

  1. Use EBooks

EBooks are latest in trends. As education is growing online quite rapidly, these sorts of technical resources are making their mark. EBooks are excellent option for the people, who are used to of studying on their PC, laptop, tablet, or even mobile. There are so many huge libraries of eBooks over the internet, at various educational websites. You can go for the online search for any of your textbook’s eBook, and get it by downloading it on your device. At some websites it free of cost and some online eBook stores will charge you nominal cost for your textbook.      

  1. Get big discounts from online bookstores

Well, if you are still willing to go for the new books, then you are also having a good option of getting the best deals on your textbooks. All you have to do is to search the best college bookstores, online. You can also go for a famous online app for this search, as it is very popular among students of US, these days. Almost every bookstore of every state of US is associated with the search engine of this incredible online application. It can locate the bookstore near you and the online bookstores that are offering most competitive prices with reasonable shipping charges for the textbooks, you require. This app will also allow get benefited by the special discount that these bookstores are offering, which helps you for enjoying great discounts on the latest edition of your textbooks.           

  1. Rental book services

‘Rental book services’ is another promising option for the students, who can’t afford to spend too much money on the textbooks, only. There are some popular and trusted libraries and bookstores in every city that offer a huge collection of textbooks and educational reference books. You can make most out of their rental book services, and get the required textbooks for the required duration.

I hope this will help you for saving your precious money and efforts on finding the best deals and alternatives of new textbooks.

Author’s Bio: Jessie Parker is a passionate learner and writer. He recently finished his graduation and going great in his professional life. His goal is to help out current students by sharing his college-time experiences with college bookstores.


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