Travel: Orange County, California

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Orange County, California is a great place to visit. There’re many beaches, nightclubs, restaurants, theme park and people. California has people from all the world living there. It’s more diverse than any other place that you will visit. You can visit town like Little Italy or Korea Town if you are from those countries. Orange County, CA is an upscale place with many upscale neighborhood and businesses. This is how Orange County is different than LA County. LA County is adjacent to Orange County but it’s not as clean and upscale as OC.

You’ll have a great time in OC because it’s clean and safe for the most part. You don’t have to worry about theft or crime where it can happen in places like LA County. The best features of OC are the beach, the views, and Disneyland. Disneyland is located at Anaheim in Orange County. People love to take their kids to Disneyland. If you’re in OC, you have to stop by Disneyland if you have kids. They’ll love this place. The admission is about $40 for adult and less for children. You’ll have the best time here going on rides and visiting the park. The park is this gigantic place with different towns and characters. There’re also many shows there too.

The other great feature about Orange County is the beach. If you love the beach or surfing then Orange County is the place for you. You will get your chance with 8-10 beaches in Orange County along the PCH. One of the best beaches for surfing in Orange County is Huntington Beach. Huntington Beach has strong, high waves and most surfers go here for surfing. This is the well known spot for surfing. If you like to go sightseeing then Newport Beach, Laguna Beach or Corona Del Mar will be perfect places because they have stunning views there. You can see the beach from the top of the hills. The hills plateau is the best asset at these particular beaches. The neighborhood is very upscale and clean. The police here are aggressive on parking so you have to pay for your parking if you don’t want your car towed away. Many celebrities and wealthy people in these area like Dennis Rodman or Kobe Bryan. There’re plenty of fine dining at these particular beaches. If you want the best views of boating and landscape then Newport Beach, Laguna Beach or Corona Del Mar will be perfect.


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