What Is Linux

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Actually what is called linux it?. Many people are not familiar with the name linux and there are many articles that I have discussed here do not explain what it is linux in general, but more specifically


Many Indonesian people thought that linux it is herbal (pegelinux): D, but that’;;;;s not the problem, linux itself is a form of operating system kernel, what kernel.

The kernel is the core of the operating system, any operating system kernel must have the name, the main function is to bridge the hardware and software, so it can be said to be an intermediary or broker and any operating system kernel must have a name, be it a computer, phone, tv , playstation, and various other electronic devices
Linux is only a kernel originally developed by pak dhe linus, and further developed by programmers and hackers around the world, then comes the programmer and creator of the application that took the linux kernel and packaged into one, forming a complete operating system.

Eventually formed a variety of organizations (NGOs) and create packages to make the operating system Linxu their own version, which is called the distro, there are many distros but there are 3 major distro that many derivatives of operating systems, these distributions are Red Hat, Debian , and also suse.

Many people (Indonesia) are still not aware that the linux actually consists of multiple applications bundled package (dipaket.in) into one to become the operating system, not a system that is comprehensive and complete (such as operating system next to the license a bit pricey : D) so that the driver does not match, can not play music, does not fit with the machine dimilikinnya, it is not the fault of the system, but the system just does not have the driver (the driver) which detects your device, so do not blame the operating system, because every system it was made that way, there is instant (stay put), there is minimal (must mengoprek first).
Sometimes I wonder why people always blame the new use linux is because the operating system does not support, kalu think think, in the windows operating system sometimes also have to install the driver first before using, eg optical mouse driver install on windows xp, linux as well as that, for example wireless hardware does not run, the solution it should install the driver is concerned I’;;;;ll be running.
There is something to be learned in this case that we fear and anxiety and are not open minded to everything, but it is highly recommended to think positive in life, so the point should not easily blame others, blame yourself first (looking at yourself first) before blaming others.
hopefully this article bermafaat, respectfully.

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