What to Expect from SmartLipo Treatment

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Since 2006, when FDA approved SmartLipo, it has become a hot debate topic. Although it was used way before FDA had legally approved it, SmartLipo actually took over the world of cosmetic surgery after 2007 and 2008. Today it is one of the best and most sought-after cosmetic surgery treatments. There are several reasons why it is so popular among the public. The reasons include swift results, quick healing, no or very little pain and no or very fine scars.

Although, SmartLipo is a popular option among men and women who want to remove extra fat, there are several questions occupying their minds. Some of the questions that haunt interested persons include:

What is the procedure?

Who is more important, machine or doctor?

Am I going to feel pain?

Am I going to be conscious throughout surgical process?

What are the after effects?

Why is it so expensive?

What is the appropriate age to have a SmartLipo?

After surgery, does the fat return?

These and many other questions put hurdles between you and a beautiful, appealing and trimmed body. If you are confused and do not get answers to above questions, let us solve your problem, at least a bit. Following are given answers to your questions, but the problem will be solved completely only when you make a firm decision to get rid of that ugly fat hanging on your body. Keep reading and good luck for your future beautiful body.

What is the Procedure?

The procedure of SmartLipo is simple. It may vary with different body parts and different personalities. They use advanced laser machines to target extra fat sitting leisurely at different parts of your body. Usually neck, thighs, love handles (oh such a cute name for ugly reality!), buttocks, male breast and belly are targets.

The laser beam will dissolve extra fat. This extra fat is removed either with the help of very fine cannula (in case there are large proportions) or through natural body mechanism.

Who is More Important Machine or the Doctor?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. It is the same if you go to a salon for hair cutting and wonder whether the scissor is more important or the hairdresser. The answer is quite simple, both are important. A good quality machine will make the process swift, however if the doctor is not well trained and qualified, he will ruin even a sophisticated and expensive machine. To say it clearly, the Doctor must be acclaimed and must have a professional degree related to the field of SmartLipo.

Am I Going to Feel Pain?

Different patients share different experiences. It depends on which body part is being operated. Usually, there is numbness and very mild pain. Use of local painkillers can reduce the pain. The pain is bearable and you can attend your office next day if you have a surgery on belly or thighs. For face surgery (for example, double chin), you might have to stay indoors, as there are chances of bruises for 24 – 48 hours (yes this short span of time.).

Am I Going to be Conscious throughout the Surgical Process?

Many women and men have shared their experience of thigh, belly and rear body SmartLipo surgery. They claim that they remained conscious throughout the surgical procedure. Usually they hang a curtain between the area that is under surgery and you. They make sure that you cannot peek through the curtain.

What Are the After Effects?

SmartLipo usually does not show any severe after effects. You might experience bruises and mild pain. However, you must strictly adhere to the precautions suggested by the doctor.

Why Is It So Expensive?

The cost of everything is based on its performance and effects. Do you ask your dealer why they charge extra for Samsung Galaxy Grand as compare to the old models of Samsung mobile phone? Of course, you wont’; ask such questions. Then why tease your cosmetic surgeon?

What Is the Appropriate Age for SmartLipo?

Usually people of 30+ choose SmartLipo. However, if you have developed fat at an early age, you can contact your surgeon at any time.

After Surgery, Does The Fat Return?

In most of the cases no, however in order to maintain your body you must follow proper diet and regular exercise.


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