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Have you noticed something different with Google lately? Certainly the webmaster community, and search engine optimization (SEO) is an indication of a number of forums, administrators are very disappointed. Google is updated monthly and quarterly thereafter. Now, a number of servers, a server at any time during the quarter, moves a number of different search engine results. So much a part of Google’;s algorithm update the structure will be updated as recently. As Big Daddy update we have a Big Daddy with the 64-bit architecture. Page first page ranking on page 100 seem to go to a place, or a supplemental index is much worse. Google algorithm changes now serves as the webmaster community, which is a major event in Florida update, launched in November 2003. , Austin, brandy, bourbon, and Jagger was nominated for an upgrade. Now we have to deal with Big Daddy!

The algorithm problems seem to fall into four categories. Canonical issues, duplicate content issues, litter and other problems page.

1. Canonical issues: the search engine, and / index.html handle all different types of websites, any time. Google is doing these marks the individual copies of duplicate content and penalize. In addition site is not to punish, but the use of websites to your website all links to the left index ranking. Other major search engines like Yahoo and MSN, there are no problem to deal with fundamental issues. Google, the world (as a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 ranking itself) is the largest search engine. They offer huge results in a wide range of topics, but they cannot solve some of the basic sequencing of the questions.

2. Sandbox: search engine has become one of the legends in the world. It’;s like they cook the index, because the subject has received full membership sites or links in Sandbox term vision. Sandbox existence is questioned, and Google has never officially confirmed.

3. Duplicate content problems: the Internet has become a big problem. Drive search engine ranking of your web pages, black hat SEO (Search Engine Optimizer), which immediately (would be the encyclopedia website to directly download an example of producing a ton of web pages, the site according to your own domain name started as duplicate content). Abuse of the algorithm updates from Google duplicate content to their abusers aggressively attacked. But the damage in the process knocked out so many legitimate sites. An example is when the end of your website. Google looks at both sites and the copy can be determined to be valid. Another major problem of duplicate content duplicate content has many legitimate uses. News services are the most obvious example. It is the viewers the news for a number of sites. In principle, all of the filter to catch, whatever lawful uses.

4. Page complementary points: Administrators affectionately call the complementary hell. In the recent shakeup should be completed this month, was part of the continuous introduction of Big daddy. No one disputes the need for supplemental index. The problem is active, pure and sides complementary to the index visible. They rarely come out of the dungeon, where they go.

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