Black Hat Techniques in SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a well-known and more popularity nowadays used by many webmasters is one of the most popular forms of internet marketing techniques. Sites such as e-commerce websites, internet marketing techniques to benefit from it.  Such as SEO Philippines companies, according to many experts, most of these techniques or spam indexing known as Black Hat SEO industry.

Black Hat Techniques of SEO

The more spam index techniques in violation purpose of indexing, relevancy or prominence of resources indexed by the search engine is used to manipulate it.

There are a number of techniques are used, and white hat SEO (SEO techniques approved guidelines), as well as the techniques are enormous. Black Hat SEO techniques and methods used by some of the best known are:

Keyword Spamming

This can be very useful, but also for their products and services, to include keywords that are not related to abuse. This technique is similar to the background image or color of the font can be used to help hidden text.

In addition, the materials, especially in the Meta tag keyword spamming, use the code. Included in the Meta tag keywords in the Meta tag spam, double, and are not related to the content of your site using Meta keywords. However, according to many SEO Philippines experts, this technology has not been effective since 2005. Alt and title tags are also popular keyword spam.

A link farm

A link farm is widely used in the past is black hat SEO techniques. Compared with the keyword spamming, link farms used the SERPs which is a kind of off-page SEO manipulation. That to your search engine link to a website focused on serving the relevant technology, but its use is lost.

Article spinning

A more recent technique that black hat SEO, article marketing is widely used came in the reproduction of the original material.

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