Manny Pacquiao-Ricky Hatton: a Thorough Analysis Part 1 of 5

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Over the past few months the boxing world, or the world itself if you’ll allow me is going “ga-ga” in anticipation of the much awaited showdown between pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao and super lightweight czar Ricky Hatton.

With only a week to go, predictions, arguments and debates concerning the bout’s outcome had already invaded each and every informational outlet known to man.

From internet forums, to newspapers, television shows, radio programs and traditional around the corner discussions. The jittery seems to be going higher and higher.

The west seems to favor Hatton while the east is right behind Pacquiao.

So I ask, what’s the real deal?

After scrutinizing both fighters chances here are my conclusions.

There are five key factors that’ll play a big role come May 2.

The first key to victory;


Pacquiao have that so-called “kick” in his punch. He showed sheer dominance in his recent outings against David Diaz and Oscar Dela Hoya in the 135 and 147lbs divisions respectively.

But those wins although recorded as “Technical knockouts” seem to be deceiving. In those two fights, Pacquiao displayed a boxing clinic weaving in and out of trouble while connecting flurries in different and sometimes odd angles.

Stellar showing, can’t agree with that. On the contrary were talking about power. Pacquiao in both fights against Diaz and Dela Hoya threw everything but the kitchen sink hence it still took him nine rounds to dispatch Diaz and eight rounds to make Dela Hoya quit.

Given the volume of punches and the predicament that he carried his power in the heavier weight classes. He should have knockout Diaz and Dela Hoya in the earlier rounds.

On the other hand Hatton has already proved that he is one of the best pressure fighters in the world today.

He has fought the likes of Kostya Tszyu, Jose Luis Castillo and Luis Collazo.

But what bothers me is his not-so-impressive performance against Juan Lazcano and his lone loss against Floyd Mayweather.

Both those fights were a catasthrope and it seems to suggest that his power reached a saturation point.

Nonetheless he showed a masterful showing in a “Technical Knockout” win against light-fisted Paulie Malignaggi.

Final verdict: Hatton has a slight edge, however both boxing pugilist has that power to knockout each other.


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