Voice acting- a budding profession

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If somebody has told you that you have a great voice don’t just feel at the top of the world. Explore it and see how can you earn through it? Today voice-overing has become a renowned profession. Even many youngsters have adopted this as a full time career. As a voice over artist you can also be self employed but for that you have to develop good relations within the industry that can bring work to you.

The profession is not that easy to adopt. It involves much more just having a pleasing voice that can vow your audience.  You should sound natural. You should know what to emphasize and how to express yourself in clear and definite terms. You should work on your diction.

There are many popular actors who sometimes give their voice in an advertisement or a movie some of them are Keifer, Donald Sutherland, John Corbett, Alison Janney, Linda Hunt and Holland Taylor. No doubt they are not trained professionals but their voice has an element in it that makes the product sell.

In contrast famous voice actors like Kurt Kelly are born with such a voice that fits in for all characters be it a child, an animated character, a dominated voice in a game or even a women.

So if you feel like you have such voice that can draw people; just be ready with your demo CD. Practice a lot and most importantly participate in all events you think can garnish your voice acting skills.

Self employed

If you want to get self employed; it could cost you several thousand dollars to set up a studio.

Take professional training: Take proper training before setting up a studio of your own. There are many professional institutes that offer courses for budding voice actors. These help you learn all the basics of the profession.

Equipment: A microphone and a computer having voice related software is all what you need.

Demo: Hire a professional company that can create a professional demo for you.

Initially you may not earn much but slowly and gradually you will start earn a decent amount of money.

Whom you can listen?

For learning new things you can hear voice over of prominent voice actors like Kurt Kelly. One of America’s most successful media strategists and best-known voiceover artists, he has been intensely involved in all aspects of multimedia entertainment and technology for more than three decades. His panoramic experience includes the fields of film, television, radio, satellite, distribution, multimedia, the Internet, video games, syndication, marketing, consulting, M&A’s, IPO’s, funding, charity, International Business, broadcast administration and ownership.
Kelly has produced, directed, acted and hosted worldwide satellite broadcasts, live concerts, films, television series and specials, red carpet events, political functions, news, videos and music recordings. He has spearheaded the development and build-out of complete network broadcast and recording facilities, pioneered audience research, domestic and international syndication, sales and distribution centers, Research and Development Technologies, Intellectual Properties, Patents, Trademarks, Internet Service Providers and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

Beginning his professional broadcasting career at the age of 12, Kelly has gone on to serve in virtually every capacity of on-air talent and/or management for many of America’s and the World’s leading networks, distributors and broadcast groups, including Sony Entertainment Network – PIX Movie Channel, CBS, NBC, CNBC-e, CapitalCities/ABC, Disney, HBO, VH-1, MTV, Showtime, AP, UPI, PBS, Transtar/Unistar, Westwood One, Golden West, Metromedia, Radio International, Kelly Sargent Productions, Fields Communications, Fox, NTV, Travel Channel, Nat Geo, Discovery, and Nationwide Communications. Examples of his on-air work are showcased in the Museums of Radio & Television in New York, Chicago and Beverly Hills. Additionally, Kelly has worked successfully with a string of A-list Actors, recording artists and bands in and out of the studio. 

As a member of SAG (Screen Actors Guild), AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists),  Hollywood Film Society,  Los Angeles Press Club, American Film Institute, among others; Kelly has worked personally with some the most dynamic professionals in the entertainment industry, global business leaders, political figures and luminaries. “One day, Kurt should run for mayor of Hollywood,” enthuses media executive Jaber AlMuhanna. “He’d certainly get my vote!”

A consummate professional with an impressive track record of success in every genre he has undertaken, Kurt Kelly is hailed as one of hardest working, team-oriented talents working today.



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