Seven Facts About Wrinkles

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Wrinklesor fine lines that appear on the face can reduce the beauty. This was not only due to aging alone, but there are several factors that influence it.
Here are seven facts about wrinkles you should know that the face looks more toned and healthy despite age has been aging, is:

1. Risks threatening wrinkles remain even if you always take to the roads.

You might think that the skin will be protected from pollution and sunlight if traveling by car. But according to the dermatologist, UVA rays, which cause most of the wrinkles in the skin, is able to penetrate car glass windows.
So you still need protection against skin wrinkles caused by free radicals by applying a broad-spectrum sunscreenevery day. You can also protect the skin by placing a colored window, which can help block UVA rays.

2. Wrinkles are genetic and passed down through families.

According to skin experts, the odds of developing wrinkles, the degree and depth of facial lines is influenced by genetics passed down through families. You can predict the likely deployment of wrinkles on the face by looking at family history.
Potential appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging, including sagging facial skin, neck and chest area can usually be dropped from parent to offspring. The best way to prevent wrinklesand sagging in the area is by minimizing sun exposure and use a broad spectrum sunscreen.

3. Bed tilted at the same position every day.

As you age, the collagen in the connective tissue and the face is not as strong as before. So, when you sleep on the same side every night, skin will repeatedly besinggungan with cushions and will make the skin easier to loose parts.
Sleep with alternating oblique type to reverse wrinklesand to prevent the possible appearance of fine lines on the face at all, make it a habit to sleep on her back.

4. Wrinkles can be caused by vision problems.

Rather than being an indicator of age or sun damage, wrinkles that form between the folds of the eye, can be caused by problems with your sense of sight. Some people who experience eye problems sometimes too often squint and frown between the brows.
If done up repeatedly over time can aggravate the skin condition in the area. This can be overcome by addressing vision problems early so that the muscles are more relaxed area.

5. Wrinkles can be prevented by eating colored foods.

Fruits and vegetables, such as raspberries, blueberries, red peppers and spinach contain antioxidants that can keep the skin from free radical damage that remains supple and radiant.

6. Stay hydrated to dispel the appearance of wrinkles.

Body should always be hydrated to keep skin soft and supple to avoid wrinkles. Water can also produce toxins which can have a negative impact on the skin.

7. Facial expressions are performed repeatedly can cause wrinkles.

Regardless of age or genetics, the first wrinklesappear on the face can be caused by repetitive facial expressions. This includes laugh lines, frown lines and forehead creases that appear as frowning, smiling or lifting the forehead muscles when startled.


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