Priority and Paramount of Industrial Training Program

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Engineering is amongst the few professions where creativity and ingenuity matters the most. A successful engineer is therefore a matter of pride and immense sense of satisfaction for the society. But at present times the quality of engineers are degrading. Reason being there had been mushroom growth of engineering colleges in the past and proper practical exposure is not given. There comes the importance of industrial training program.

Nobody can deny or ignore the growing demand of industrial training program day by day. The art of engineering cannot be learnt by rote learning. Engineering is a practical profession which is based on implementation step by step in a logical manner. A keen and analytical mind is required if you aspire to become a successful Engineering professional. The problem with the colleges and institutions are that they are lagging behind the concepts and approaches which are being implemented and adopted in the industry. The course curriculum is designed in an old fashioned manner which is not of much use since it is less practical and more theoretical.

The industrial training program gives you a fantastic exposure with the company’s working environment and style pattern. For the first time they get to know about the real time software applications, programming, installation, configuration, testing, SDLC phases and many more things. In addition they learn about corporate etiquettes, interpersonal skills and professional outlook. Working on projects, again is a very important aspect. The things that are taught during the student life of your Engineering will be implemented while carrying out the project work.

While cracking an interview the first question that is asked by the recruiters is about their industrial training and the project they have done because employers expect the candidates to gather at least basic fundamental knowledge on their respective domains. After recession company hardly invests large amount of capital on the training of the candidates. Their first and foremost requirement is candidates should be able to grasp the technology quickly so that they can learn working on it as early as possible.

The industrial training program helps the students in a much wider scale as they have ample scope to clear their doubts and make their fundamentals strong and clear, interact with industry experienced trainers and lab oriented methodology.

Industrial training program in a nutshell will

  • Boost up your confidence level
  • Make you technically sound and clear your basics
  • Introduce you with Project oriented approach
  • Makes your CV strong enough to attract the potential Recruiters
  • Training with Placement assistance in reputed companies.
  • Guidance from a team of well-qualified, experienced and professional developers, trainers and technocrats.

Industrial training is one of the best ways for better job in future because of by doing this you gain better knowledge in your field which used for interview in any company.

So do better training from better institute. This is in your hand to take the right decision for your future. So do better…


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