The Big Business of Background Checks

The computer age has opened up so many technological windows for both personal enjoyment and business ease. Where the Internet has made going to places you’ve never heard of as simple as clicking the mouse, it’s also opened up an information portal the likes of which this world has never seen. Today’s businesses rely on the power of technology for everything from getting work done and communications streamlined to promoting their companies and…more and more…protecting their employees, assets, clients and company good standing. Business Background checks are no longer reserved for government positions and companies that have large finances…they’re now available to every size employer and they are changing the way businesses conduct the business of hiring. There’s a common statistic out there that estimates that 4 out of every 10 resumes a company receives for an open position contain some type of inaccuracy, everything from criminal backgrounds all the way to falsified employment histories.

The ease of the modern background check has made finding out everything about a prospective employee staggeringly simple. Either through one of the many online resources, or via a provider of Corporate Investigation Services, employers can access a wealth of virtual information on a employee, the business background check making it less risky for companies to hire a given individual. There are a variety of things that a corporate investigation service running background checks will look for with a given employee. Accurate work history: This includes previous employment dates, which can also be verified to some extent through the prospective employees pay stubs. Inaccuracy in work history when applying for a job can be a big red flag that the candidate is not being entirely truthful. And if not truthful on the application, how truthful will they be as an employee.

Running the social security number: Social security can be used in a number of ways to ascertain information about a job candidate but is mainly used to verify the prospects legal right to work in the United States. Accurate educational business background check: Ensuring that a prospective employee is being truthful about their past educational experience is another important step that a corporate investigative service will provide. Much like work history, inaccuracies when disclosing education can signal underlying honesty issues. Criminal background: Perhaps the place where prospective employees try to hide their history the hardest during the application process is when it comes to criminal involvement. Those with records will be discovered as a corporate investigative service background check will run back up to 7 years, disclosing everything criminal from all the jurisdictions that the prospective employee has inhabited over that time. Background checks can be used in very positive ways for employers. The idea that you can firmly tell your workers that they are being protected by the measures you are taking in screening new potential employees is just one of the many bright spots for company’s who use Corporate Investigations Services. Yet another is in the case of a school, hospital, daycare, or any type of company where clients need the peace of mind of knowing that the people entrusted with the care of their loved ones are reliable, honest individuals and have proven so through the use of a background check.

Of course, with anything as intrusive as a background check, there are going to be some negatives that come along with the positives. A background check, can be seen as an act of initial distrust from a potential employer, however the process has become so commonplace that this stigma is rapidly disappearing. Perhaps the biggest drawback of a background check is that it eliminates candidates for a job…some of them with excellent qualifications but past blemishes that a computer searching through their data will never give the benefit of the doubt to.

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