4 Factors to Consider When Deciding on Floors for a Flat

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Deciding on the different characteristics of your future rental is not an easy task though you should pay attention to some basic things – the floor number of the given property being one of them.

View: If you want to benefit from a nice cityscape view, then you should opt for renting a flat which is located on a higher floor. However you must know that flats with a view cost more. Therefore before you rent a flat which is on a higher floor check the ones that are located on the mid floors because they might be more attractive as it comes to the price versus view factor. After all, natural beauty and vistas don’;t feed you, if you run out of money. Keep that in mind.

Access: Ground floor flats are more accessible than flats on the higher floors. For example, if you hire end of tenancy cleaners to clean the flat that you are leaving, the cleaners will be able to easily reach your apartment with their professional equipment despite the fact that the elevator is broken. Keep in mind that some cleaners who provide end of tenancy cleaning teams in Stockwell based refuse to execute the job if the elevator is out of order and the flat is located on a higher floor because they won’t be able to carry the heavy equipment on several flights of stairs. Practicality is a factor which plays part later on – sparser but critical.

Noise: the higher a flat is located the less traffic and street noise will reach it. Also people who live on higher floors don’t have to face the noises that tenants produce from coming and going outside the building. However there are ground floor flats which are located at noiseless locations. Such flats are usually far away from the entrance and the elevator line. People will headaches will have to consider buying floors higher up. As a person susceptible to migraines, traffic has been my worst nightmare for years on end and three floors higher can make a huge difference.

Money: Generally, the higher a flat is located the more it costs. Therefore if living without a view is something that you can adapt to you could always choose an apartment on the lower floors. Also if you rent a flat on a lower floor you will have fewer stairs to climb when the elevator is out of order. Money is something that can be seen as a constant, but think in the future and don’;t decide on how things may turn out. Don’;t buy or rent a property, if you only think you are going to get a raise.

Security: Usually flats which are located on the lower floors are more threatened by criminal attacks because they can be easily accessed from the outside. However flats which are located on the last couple of floors are risky as well as they can be easily accessed from the roof if the building structure allows it of course. Therefore in terms of security the flats that are located in the mid floors are the safest option. Nevertheless, you should consider investing into an alarm system and locks to rest assure.

Flat choice depends on a multitude of factors, ranging from the building itself and your possible neighbours and not every choice can be boiled down to a certain set of guidelines.


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