Anxiety to single woman apartment purchase, it is 40’s single woman.

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There was just a little savings, but it is the 40 single woman. It was a rental housing residence until now, but I think the purchase of new condominiums. For women, it is said that 40-year-old is also the peak of revenue. Means of income woman is wide-ranging, including the temporary staff and contract employees from the company, such as working at present.

Condo purchase of women is an increasing number of, but to say that to have the assets, especially in the case of women is such an important thing. that women buy an apartment is often the problem of size and effort is great for managing and maintaining the residence also. Therefore such thing, convenience as a condition necessary for the residence of women, and management that appropriate security size is solid there is a chitin good will at the center.

Partners living together me What’;s the matter?
He was a man that can be very reliable, but more than that nationality is not in not so enthusiastic about the condo purchase, do not go to mean that joint name easily.

The marriage at this opportunity? No, no, I do not mean you want to get married just want a floor plan of the apartment that you like.

Have you everparticipatedin an apartmentpurchaseseminarfor womenbuyapartmentseminarsfor women?

Of courseyou’;;re consideringbuyingan apartment,I’;;llhave a lot ofthatinthose whothinkstillbestudying!

In theseminar,

Secretof the apartmentpurchasefrom3 millionannual income
Checkpointofgeology,ground,foundationconstruction,building construction,
How to makemotion forsafefinancial planning,basic knowledgeofmortgageandtaxes,
How to choosethe apartmentandreal estatecompanythat can bepeace of mind
Ican learnandeasy to understand.

More than64,000hasattendedso far
Because it isfree,I‘;m nothurt tokeep inattending^^

What? Room marked with this flower is gonna be contracted?
Because property’;m not yet completed?
Are you buying apartments and to not seen the real thing? ? ?

It is there such all too real When I think from now, but at the time I did not know “sell during construction new condominium” even that.

 Mansion we visited in small properties in all 48 households, may say condominium project for the first time the district, the price was set to considerably cheaper.
The main floor plan with 3LDK, the lowest price is ¥ 17 million units.

 It is I was not interested in an apartment purchase, but I think that it is! “Cheap ‘;s 17 million yen”.
From that moment, feeling it “… but I wonder if me buy apartment maybe” that came with Futsufutsu springs to my mind.
Senior had gone together to (F), to say casually, “I even …? Wonder if buy” and, now that we? “Maybe I’;ll hear just talk”. 

I think the senior and also single, to the down payment savings that had saved diligently to one year ago, I had built a small single-family, and he was come across in my mind.
By Melia ransacked the cosmetics and clothes shopping, in the same sense as you would say to each other Wakya woman, I was in a strange climax.

I think as I recall, not at all financial planning, … and it rubbed a single OL there are only three million yen units also Nante annual income to buy an apartment, and came up with that strange.
But, I’;ve never been to model room tour on a whim became the starting point of the apartment purchase.

I think I … just a few years it was good to purchase it after purchase.

There are various lifestyles to people, but by exposing an apartment purchase My Notebook,
I think … and becomes a hint of single women to try to buy an apartment now.


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