Simple Ways to Enhance Customer Service Experience and Maximize Service Performance

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Level of Customer service defines the success of any business. Business organizations have always been instrumental in exploring ways or techniques through which customer service and business performance can be improved. In this article we will discuss some simple ways to enhance customer service experience and maximize service performance.

Good customer service is not only critical but a benchmark for the survival and success of a Brand. While most of the Brands are well informed and educated about this fact, the functional action taken by the Brand Owners to meet the customer service standards varies from company to company. This further creates or shapes the true picture about the extent to which a company is customer friendly or not.

In order to give an excellent shape to the customer service organization, some companies actually make the customer service delivery process very complex and difficult to measure. This not only makes the On-boarding and De-boarding difficult and time taking for the service staff but at times also result into failure of the service initiatives in totality. It is therefore essential for companies and Brand Owners to understand that all Big Complex service programs are not always good and suitable as it is promoted, published and served by various primary and secondary mediums. Simple service processes and service management tools can be handier and far more successful. Here are some simple ways of enhancing customer service experience by adopting performance oriented service management programs.

  • Clearly define the warranty and service terms and make it easily accessible for service agents as well as customers
  • Offer flexible modes of customer service communication and service delivery
  • Offer measurable service level agreements to the customers
  • Use standard templates, tools and service platform to handle customer service requests across the service network
  • Use a seamless and reliable service program to track complete customer service history including warranty period, service and repair offered in the past and any future services to be rendered
  • Keep everyone in the service function updated and informed about any new change in the customer service offerings preferably through a common platform
  • Empower service technicians and agents with the right set of tools, ample spares and customer information on demand
  • Track service performance on pre-defined scales in quick intervals and take corrective action so as to ensure minimum inconvenience to the customers
  • Keep the customers informed and facilitated about the new product or service offerings using simple means but avoid bugging them with too much of information or seeking their attention on customer satisfaction surveys
  • Value customers’ time and service satisfaction level and meet at least the minimum expectations if not more

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