Silica acne is a part of acne medication

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Skin is the largest organ of the body.It protects each and every part of our body from foreign elements like dirt, bacteria,etc.Skin,though varies in texture,colour and thickness from person to person,but the basic function is the same for all living beings that is to protect our body from foreign elements.Basically,our skin is comprised of three components,the epidermis (living epidermal cells), the dermis made of hair follicles and sweat glands and lastly the sub cuts,layer of subcutaneous fat.  Scars or dead cells on epidermis can be removed by abrasion,by removing a part of skin affected by scar.But scars deeper in the dermis cannot be removed by abrasion. For such kind of acne scar,a special technique is being proposed-silica acne treatment which is part of many natural acne medications.  In the silica acne removing process,the foreign matters are being removed from the surface of skin.It is a very effective kind of acne medication.Silica is a stone,so when we apply the silica acne removing technique to our skin,our skin gets confused and as a result repels not only silica to enter but also obstructs the entry of any other foreign material to enter in our body.Hence through the silica acne process, whole body gets awakened and does not allow any foreign particle to go through it.Therefore,as a conclusive idea,we can consider silica acne removing technique as a sterling one.  Now regarding acne medication,silica must be taken in as enhanced silica. It is assumed to be sufficient for silica acne removal process.  Now dealing with the acne medication of other type,we have exploited the following type of solutions:  •    Over-the-counter Treatment:  Over-the-counter (OTC) lotions are mostly mild in nature and consists of benzoyl peroxide,sulphur, resorcinol and salicylic acid.As these ingredients are mild in nature,they might be act full,when we are dealing with mild acnes.They can also cause initial side effects like skin irritation or flaking, which lowers after the first month therapy.This acne medication is applied on mild acnes.   

  •    Topical Treatments:  If your acne does not respond to the OTC treatment on your acne problem,you must move on,and ask your dermatologist to give you a stronger prescribed lotion.Tretinoin,Adapalene and Tazarotene are examples of topical treatment lotions.It is an acne medication technique superior and powerful than OTC treatments and is applied when OTC treatments fail to give good results.   

  •    Antibiotics:  When the acne medication process does not yield with positive results, your doctor might switch to the antibiotics, or even might ask you to use both, Topical and Antibiotic treatments together.   

  •    Laser therapy:  Laser and light therapies are an alternative acne medication targeting a deeper layer of our skin and can remove acne scars completely without actually harming your skin.It damages the oil glands of our skin, and hence lesser oil is being produced which is fruitful for acne medication Treatment.    

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