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Quick About us

SkyTip Media, a Reno, Nevada based company that excels in Marketing, Online Marketing, Promotions, Social Media Marketing, and Video Marketing. However, videos are respectively our main core competency. We strategically target your audience in a manner which excites the consumer to react, creating the buzz that is highly desirable to their brand or business. We offer a variety of packages that brands and business can manipulate to create a highly specialized marketing campaign based around their individual needs. Our main goal with SkyTip Media is to help you market your brand or business in a fashion so that you can see a healthy return on investment (ROI).

Eventually, SkyTip Media will become a worldwide leader in the Marketing industry. We are quickly earning the reputation that will aid in our success at the world table. Our work ethic and product quality will ignite the fuse to undoubtedly take us outside of Nevada and into the world.

We realize that the world is transitioning from the Industrial era to the Informational era. As we swiftly shift from one to the next, it is imperative that your Brand or Business is at the forefront of this profound movement. Offering you the necessary tools to get your brand or business up to speed by utilizing our sophisticated method of helping you reach new clients as well as keep in touch with existing ones. To get your business started down the proper path you’ll need a proper website to build a solid foundation. The success of your company is going to rely heavily on how well your website is built. Luckily, we can build you a website that most certainly is the solid foundation for you to expand your business upon.

We utilize a couple of tactics that will ensure your new website will be seen. First, we use the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is a key component to driving your website to the top of any search engine. SEO only works properly when you have the proper infrastructure behind it to allow search engines to locate it; this process is called the Keyword Strategy. We help our clients devise a list of “keywords” that will maximize visibility to all search engines. SEO combined with the implementation of social marketing integration (SMI) will enable you to be noticed by new potential customers and enable them to easily stay connected. There are endless social media sites that you can utilize, but we focus our efforts around the most popular ones: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and YouTube. Allow our staff of Social Media experts to devise the proper Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign for you that will meet your individual goals for SMM. To top it all off we offer the best video production services around.

SkyTip Media is a full-service video production company providing solutions to the corporate, advertising, and direct response industries worldwide. Our staff is committed to bringing you the highest most creative product with the best possible customer service. We provide unique and highly sought after video productions of virtually any kind. Our quality work is a direct result of vigorous training and is a direct response to changes in the medium over the past decade. Our focus is to help you launch and leverage your product, increase brand awareness, reach your marketing objectives and, most importantly, deliver a powerful message designed to produce a strong Return on Investment (ROI). We are committed to providing you the highest quality work available.

What separates us from the rest?

We have taken the time to build a massive network, which allows us to pump traffic to anything we drop into it (Web URLs, Videos, Twitter Pages, Facebook, and etc.). Our network allows us to push your product to the top—for maximum visibility. Search engines algorithms work by seeking out pages that have the highest number first—the one with the highest number comes up first. The goal is to have the highest visibility possible, so that you’re always seen amongst the top which in-turn increases traffic.

Google Analytics

We utilize Google Analytics to verify that the numbers we send to your website actually happen. Every Monday there is an email sent out with a PDF attached, which shows your traffic for the previous 7 days. With our network you should see a dramatic increase in traffic, which is verified, that will increase your online presence—ultimately earning you more revenue. 

 “The Sky is the Limit”


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