Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution

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A thinner lash is the pain of the heart that cannot be elaborated in words. It is because thicker and fuller eyelash is connected to the beautiful eyes. Woman loves to get complimented for their beautiful eyes. Other assets also get counted but the charm of killer eyes gives depth to the overall persona of the woman. Why we are discussing and focusing on eyelash here because there are women and men too suffering from hypotrichosis which is denoted as lack of lashes or very thinner lashes present at the base of the eyelid.

Eyelashes are very important as they protect the eyes. They prevent entry of any dust particle or foreign substance in to the eye and also stand as the decorative piece for them. Thicker and longer the lashes, more beautiful eyes will look. Some women are blessed with longer lashes genetically. Though not every woman will get the chance of having them as gift from genes, they can re-grow some with the help of bimatoprost serum for eyelash growth. This is an ophthalmic solution which is available at online drug stores. Being cost-effective, this serum can be used by anyone to grow lashes naturally.

Hypotrichosis is a disorder where the eyelashes don’t grow and fall out. There are several reasons behind this issue. Irrespective of these factors, hypotrichosis can be treated with the help of this eye drop solution. Apply it on the base of it and see how it grows. This medication is helpful for patients with breast cancer. They tend to lose the hair of lashes and eyebrows because of chemotherapy. These people can re-grow their eyebrows and eyelashes by smearing this solution at the base of the lashes.

Eyelash growth solution bimatoprost also used extensively in the cosmetic industry. This liquid can be used to have fuller lashes. Some women complain about the eyelashes they have. To make them thicker and longer, this serum can be smeared at the base of the lashes. This procedure should be done only once in a day preferably at the bed time. Do not apply it elsewhere as it tend to produce side effects such as irritation or mild burning sensation.

Eye ailments such as open angle glaucoma can also be treated with the help of this ophthalmic solution. Glaucoma or the increases ocular pressure often damages the optic nerve leading to blindness. To avoid this complication, using this eye drop solution is smart choice. Put one drop in the affected eyes and use the medicine as directed by the doctor. Do not overdose as excessive dosage too develop negative effects. Before you start using this medicine, consult with your doctor.

One bottle of bimatoprost ophthalmic solution is so useful. It treats eyelash disorder and glaucoma eye issue. You can either use it as eye drops or apply it on the lashes to enhance their growth. Make sure you are doing both the things right after getting green signal from your doctor. This solution is a multi-purpose one but it can be harmful too if you overdo it.


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