Mighty Dinosaurs

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However, most dinosaurs ate plants. The biggest of the plant eaters were the gentle giants called sauropods. Other plant eaters included the duck billed dinosaurs, or hadrosaurs; horned dinosaurs, or ceratopsians; armored dinosaurs, or ankylosaurs and their relatives the stegosaurus; and many more. We are familiar with the stegosaurus. It had triangular plates on its back and neck were made of bone. The plates may have held blood vessels, which would have made plates work like radiators. So on a hot day, wind would blow over the plates, cooling the Stegosaurus. Just the look of the dinosaur would discourage and scare any hungry meat eater. The Stegosaurus was as big as a garbage truck!

The skeleton of a sauropod called Brachiosaurus was 80 feet long and so tall it could have rested its chin on the roof of a four story high building! For a long time people thought it was the biggest dinosaur in the world. However, Dr. James Jensen discovered bones that belonged to an even taller dinosaur. He called it Ultrasaurus. He was 60 ft high and probably weighed as much as 20 elephants. We also know these 2 dinosaurs well! Dinosaurs were amazing!

Not all dinosaurs were giants. Dinosaurs came in all sizes, just as animals today. Many dinosaurs were no bigger than you. Some were even smaller. Dinosaurs once lived all over the world. Some may have lived right where you live today. But the world did not look like it does now. There were no people, houses, or roads then. Many kinds of strange plants grew everywhere. The weather may have been much warmer than it is now.

Dinosaurs were amazing creatures that lived so long ago. We should have much respect for them.


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