Water damage clean up tips

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Mishaps at home can occur anytime and water damage is one of them. Water damage clean up is a nightmare for most of the people. A broken pipe with a small amount of water can do significant damage in short span of time. The flood not only damages the home but, it also damage number of belongings that kept inside the home. Among number of belongings, the badly damaged belongings that you will include carpet, sofa set, rugs and flooring. Flooring can clean by mopping and wiping, sofa set can be shift in another room but, carpet and rugs get heavier as it soak the water quickly. The carpet gets heavier 4-5 times than its actual weight. You need assistance from someone to get it cleaned & dried up.

Immediate steps to get rid from water damage:

  • Mop up water as much as you can from all surfaces including floors, carpets, furniture etc.
  • Don’t use a regular vacuum cleaner for this.
  • To prevent the furniture legs from staining the carpet use tin foil to separate them.
  • In summer open windows and in winter turn on the heater to speed up the drying process.

Dry your carpet

In most of the cases, the carpet has been totally saturated with water and can’t be cleaned properly in such a way that it can brought back to look like as earlier as it was. The fibers of the carpet starts getting worsen. People may save their carpet, but somehow its durability decreases as time goes by. The best way to dry your carpet is to keep it outside under the sun, but this can make your carpet dusty. So to dry your carpet might not be the best solution for you and it’s better to call professional carpet cleaner Toronto to get rid from this pathetic situation.

The professionals handle the task in a better manner.

  • The professionals identify the source of flood or leakage to know what kind of water the carpet is flooded with. Whether it is of “Sanitary” water comes from pipes or rain, “black” water or something else. After knowing the source, experts start handling the process of carpet cleaning in the best possible manner.
  • The professionals firstly stop the water flow to prevent from any further damage and if it’s a big damage, will request you to call the plumber.
  • They keep the furniture in another room or hoist it up on blocks so that the floor area is open.
  • Set up industrial-sized fans that directly blow onto the soiled area. Run the fan on high for at least 36 hours following the incident, to keep electric cords away from the wet spots.
  • Professionals suggest keeping foot traffic minimum on the drying carpet. This will help maximize the airflow to the wet spots. 
  •  Check your carpet’;s progress after 12 hours. If the fans have not helped and the carpet has not dried up noticeably then, you may be at risk for hazardous allergens.

Whenever professionals come at your door steps, they handle the carpet cleaning process in above mentioned manner and secondly they try to take the carpet with them for proper cleaning. Thus, a professional assistance will help you to solve this troublesome situation and make your task easier. People under such circumstances can consult to best carpet cleaner Toronto. The professionals are expert in handling carpet cleaning Mattress Cleaning, Furniture cleaning Toronto, Rug Cleaning Toronto, rug doctor Toronto and Sofa cleaning Toronto. Their assistance will surely beneficial for you therefore, keep their name in mind for any kind of carpet cleaning assistance.


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