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My latest Question that I posted asked “What makes you tick?” And the more I thought about the question the more I ached to write out my thoughts. So here they are…
Each human has certain mannerisms. It’s funny b/c I was speaking about them not too long ago to a friend, and she brought up the perfect way to describe them in a certain sense. Mannerisms are contagious. You have your own mannerisms that continuous change over time b/c you pick up other people’s mannerisms. Have you ever had a conversation and suddenly realized you talked like your new best friend? Or that you place your hands in a certain position just like he and/or she?
As stated before, you are the person you are, completely different, but who you are spreads, in a way of speaking. We truly do influence the other people around us, by just being there.
Everything about us says something specific to who we are. The way we walk, the way we write, the way we speak, how we pronounce words and letters, how we carry ourselves, if we’re quiet or loud, and how we show, or don’t show, our sadness and joy. Take a look at yourself. Now try, key word here; try (for it is impossible to do it completely), look at yourself and try to understand who you are by the simple things you do. Learn about yourself by seeing yourself through another’s eyes.
Human beings are so complex… Looking at how our bodies work, and mostly looking at how we all are so different. Identical Twins… they have the same DNA, and yet they can and usually are completely different from one another.
It is not who you see yourself as that makes you different, it’s who you truly are inside and how you *show* the world that, that makes you different. And then again… it’s sometimes how you don’t show the world that makes you unique.
Never be afraid to pull from the herd to be a lone ranger. If that’s where your heart lies, then go for it. There’s nothing worse then lieing to yourself.

Here’s an odd thing to remember… As your body ages you remain the same person.. you still have hopes and dreams (though they change with time), you still have wants and desires… you just get to the point where you can’t do them… You’re body tires, as you’re mind (till a point) remains.


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