Investment: Companies That Pay Stocks Dividends

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What are some companies that pay dividends? One company is Altria. Altria is a tobacco company and it’s one of the top choices for investor. It’s a good stock to own. Altria owns companies that make cigarettes like Marlboro, Virginia Slims, Parliament and Basic. Altria increased it profits by increasing sales overseas and decreasing cost. Altria is currently paying 4.96% in dividends.

Partner Communications is another company that pays dividends. The company is a mobile telecommunications company with a database of 2.7 customers in Isareal. They also offer internet service and voice over internet protocol.  Apollo Investment is another company that pays dividends. They pay 4.25% of dividends. This firm bought Harrah’s Entertainment from Las Vegas. Microsoft is another company that pays dividends. Microsoft is a great company to invest in because it had performed well from the past. When you’re investing, you should invest in companies that pay dividends so you’ll get some profit back without waiting so long for shares to increase in price.



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