How to select a perfect reliable litigation attorney ?

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The question itself is very general and no specific answer should be expected. The question is similar to finding a right person for the right job at right time at right place. Nobody in this earth has discovered any solution to this kind of search. However, we can throw some light or show you some way to find the most reliable litigation attorney in a certain place like San Jose. Rule#1 is to specify your search for attorney for a particular litigation like real estate or business or civil or Intellectual Property rights or Patent  for a particular region like San Jose, New York, Chicago. Rule#2 is to specify your budget depending on your income and the gravity of the litigation. Rule#3 is to find out attorney ( irrespective of any litigation specialization) from your close contact . Contact may be friend, relative, spouse etc.  Get  a list of attorneys from these contacts.  Attorneys list from close contact will give some  information  which is normally inaccessible from outside sources like Google search,  attorney list from other advertisement sources.  This information will help to understand the actual credibility of attorneys in solving the cases . Rule#4 is to collect a list of attorneys for search engines like Google, yahoo etc and then fix appointment for discussing about your litigation issue . Based on the discussion , we can understand the approach of these attorneys  towards the case. Rule#5 is to do a primary research about the litigation and the rules and policies made by the government. This will help to understand attorneys approach  and recommendations .

Litigation support  services should be preferentially outsourced keeping in view issues like cost, risk, and ethics. Only few important aspects  of the litigation should be kept inhouse.  Some of the overflow work or repetitious work are outsourced to smart vendors  and the main service part has to be done internally.  This model brings about predictability in legal expenditure . There are few reasons behind keeping some important work on litigation inhouse  which are like Cost savings for clients, expertise in a specific  litigation save time in making strategy  and providing instant solution,  Institutional knowledge also make the case easy to fight, as certain case study and processes being set up  to regularize the existing cases of the clients, Inhouse management keep communication intact and ,so, as restoring trust from client,  Inhouse litigation management creates accountability  which cannot be expected from vendors to whom the work is outsourced.

If we consider an example like San Jose Litigation attorney  for selecting a perfect attorney in San Jose, California we need to follow the traits too. The traits are like the attorney must have credibility with the client, jurors, judges and opponent lawyers too,  lawyer should be courteous  while argument or persuading in court, a confident lawyer is evident from his knowledge and his approach at the time of great uncertainty,  Lawyer must have the curiosity to learn about client’s issue and give attention to nitty gritty or he should consider every case to be a new challenge than just a cake walk.


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