Carpets – ideal flooring solution for schools and hospitals

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Reasons for laying carpets in schools and hospitals:

Good for posture: compared to hard surface floors soft padding are comforting for postural problems. Your spine and knee when get a spring back action from the surface, it gives them a great support. Thus, it is important to carpet places like schools and hospitals to play a role in the overall health of people.

Improves the ambiance: Carpets improve the total ambience of these places through eye pleasing textures. From a sea of thousand designs you can select natural looking, cheerful carpet design for schools and hospitals. The soft looking rugs enhance the appearance of the place and make it more warmer for kids and patients.

Sound absorption: Since both hospitals and schools are heavy traffic areas, there is a lot of sound in these areas. Rugs are the best sound absorbing floors and thus generate a peaceful environment. For a quieter space, carpets prove to be an ideal solution compared to other flooring solutions. These are also practical and durable solutions compared to other flooring solutions.

Non allergic: It is a common belief that rugs cause allergy because of the hidden allergens. But many researches have proved that since pollens and dust settle down in mats, there is less chance of allergens to crop up. Only precaution is regular cleaning and maintenance. So, rugs are most suitable for schools and hospitals compared to other form of flooring.

Health aspect: It is said that rugs emit the chemical from adhesives. For this carpets certified with less emission of VOCs should be selected for schools and hospitals. Eco-friendly manufacturers should be selected to avoid any health hazards. This is the best way to decorate floors while still maintaining a healthy environment.

Apart from all these, schools are places where children play and fall quite regularly. Hard floors result in injuries which can be easily avoided through cushy rugs. Concrete, stone and terrazzo floors can be best replaced through natural, organic rugs.

Hence, carpets can be a matchless flooring solution for schools and hospitals. Rugs can be easily installed and removed offering convenience to the buyer. When we consider the merits it offers, we can easily ignore the little disadvantages. So, the best advice for school and hospital owners is to go for mats as a flooring solution.


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