Migration to 3DCart: an Uncomplicated Way

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As compared to other e-commerce platforms, 3DCart has several positive aspects, which make it very popular. A lot of store owners working with other shopping carts understand that 3DCart is just what they have to have for his or her business. Therefore, they need to deal with data migration. Cart2Cart is a service, designed to help them with this process.

First version of 3DCart was developed more than 10 years ago. Since then a large quantity of shop owners have chosen it for their business. This platform has many advantages, such as the following:

1) 3DCart is a hosted platform, which implies reliability. It means that you won’t have any problems with servers. Due to daily data backups you will never have to worry about your info.

2) Extensive product management characteristics, which involve easy website navigation, support of various kinds of products, customer reviews and product ratings, wish lists, and so on.

3) 3DCart provides exclusive design alternatives. You can find more than 50 templates and the chance to produce your personal themes. Using a convenient edit bar you’;ll be able to make quick real-time designe modifications.

4) The platform has exclusive Sociall Media Marketing tools. It’;s achievable to synchronize your shop using your Facebook or Twitter account. You’;ll be able to sell products directly from Facebook and add YouTube videos to your shop.

Other important characteristics of 3DCart involve extensive payment options, marketing and SEO tools and free twenty-four-hour support.

If you consider 3DCart migration, you have two options. First of them is transferring your data manually, which makes sense with little shop databases. But if your current shop is big and if you would like to save your time, you need to surely consider Cart2Cart, an automated shopping cart migration service.

Cart2Cart will move your data swiftly and easily. The process of migration is quite easy, it consists of several steps.

First, you will need to create an account and estimate the cost of migration. Just before you start transferring your info, your current shop as well as your 3DCart shop has to be installed and accessible online. It is also suggested to back up your shop info.

You will have to provide URLs and cart kinds of both your shops and then select entities for migration. You can transfer products, product images, product attributes, categories, customers and most other essential entities.

Right this uncomplicated setup you are able to start No cost Demo Migration. When it’s completed, you may take a look at the results on your 3DCart shop and then begin the main part of the procedure – Full Migration. It usually takes some time and when it’s completed, you will receive an e-mail notification.

So, that’s how it performs – very easy. With Cart2Cart your 3DCart migration will also be secure and quick. Find additional information on official Cart2Cart website


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