How to keep your mind sharp – Learn something new everyday

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Learn Something New Every Day


Take time to stop and appreciate the world around us, learn the name of your favorite rose

You are finished with school some of us finished a long time ago, so does this really still apply?
Read on and I will give you some tips on how you can still learn something new everyday

CampbellLibrary_Thumb.jpgLocate and use your local library,
there are lots of wonderful books full of information If you don’t already have one, get a library card.
If you do have one…. Use It!
The local library is a wonderful place to start gaining new knowledge. Simply browse the isles until you see something that piques your interest.
Best of all, the books are free! (unless you forget to turn them in on time)


dust off that old book in the corner
You know which book I mean… the one youv’e always been meaning to get around to reading
Books are rapidly loosing their place in society due to technology, but they are still a great way to pass time and learn something new Most of us have books laying around the house that we just never got around to reading. Instead of watching any old junk on TV pick up one of those books and read. I am sure you can find something new in one of them that you had forgotten about or discover.


KIRV news crew
Watch the news or other informational channels like PBS to learn about what is going on in the world around us.

Their job is to bring the news to us, our job is to use this information so that we can do logical research into local and global reports and gain an understanding of what is going on in the world around us.

Through research we can learn something new every day

Lightbulb moments can come at any time

through information and research we can have a real lightbulb moment and learn something new every day Once we have our question of the day set in our minds we can also go online via the internet to research whatever topic we are interested in. There are many views to each topic and it is our job to go past the political hype and find out for ourselves the truth of any given situation. By doing this we can learn something new every day

  • Don’t forget informational websites a as a source of useful information. You can search just about any question that you could possibly imagine!
  • There are also books in audio format that you can download to your ipod, palm or other pocket device with sound. I love they have a vast selection of audio books for download with a monthly membership
  • Kindle is a book reader you can get on
  • If you have an ipod you can use Stanza or ereader to put books on your device.
  • Of course there is always the local library, they are a wealth of information on any subject you can imagine.
  • learning something new can become addictive, if you spread it around it can also become contagious!

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