WOW-themed restaurant opens in China

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In December of last year, World of Warcraft became more than just a world-wide cult favorite game – it invaded not only people’s lives, but also their food. Last December, in Beijing, a WOW-themed restaurant opened, bringing the fantasy world to reality.

As soon as visitors enter, they face a real life recreation of the opening screen from the Burning Crusade. Inside the Hall of Snow Storms, the formal name given to the dining area, the restaurant offers a variety of WOW-themed dishes. Screens all around the hall play in-game footage. Everything in the place is inspired by the art and graphics from the game – from the decorations around the room, to the big warriors that stand guard all around the restaurant, to the World Tree located right in the middle of the place. The owner and creator of the place stated that he wanted to create a place for fellow World of Warcraft fans to be able to gather.

And just in case this doesn’t satisfy people’s WOW cravings, once they finish eating, they can play WOW on any of the computer terminals also located in the restaurant. This leaves a WOW-gamer friend of mine wondering what they did with the bathrooms…

This can be seen as either an obsession taken too far, or a really cool artistic endeavor. Whichever it is, at least WOW players now have no more excuses for not eating because they are too engrossed in the game – they no longer have to leave the game for dinner.


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