What Makes “Young and the Restless” The Best Daytime Soap Of All Time

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With all the soap fans out there, I’m sure everyone has their own different opinion of who takes the cake for the ultimate best. To me, there’s only one — Young and the Restless. Not only has it been the longest running daytime drama for several decades, but it sets itself apart from the other soaps as a while. How, you ask? It’s a toss up of 2 things, in my opinion. I want to say that for me, not only does the depth of the characters and storylines are what sets them apart from the rest, but also the extremities that they take. They go places that other soap operas are either too scared to go, or think would be stupid or too risky and wouldn’t want to chance it. For those reasons alone, I constantly STAY hooked. I’m not even interested in watching any other soaps, because I’ve tried, and you know what?

They’re not even in the same caliber as Y&R. That soap should be a STANDARD that they should be making all the other ones play catch up to try and reach, if you ask me. And still, as good as Y&R is, I don’t get how every year at the Daytime Emmy’s they get cheated. It really frustrates me that  the quality, passionate and dedicated work by EVERYONE involved on that cast {on set and off} goes missed or just barely recognized, and yet these retarded superficial shows keep getting handed trophy-after-trophy each year. I couldn’t run the Emmy’s, because every year, every single award in every category would go to Y&R — HANDS DOWN.


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