Not For The Timid- Interactive Online Ouija! Do You Dare?

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The Ouija Board has been used both as a toy and as a means of receiving messages or answers to questions.

A Ouija Board is a Medium through which direct contact with our dearly departed loved ones is made! Used by many Spiritualists, Psychic Mediums,and Paranormal Investigators all around the world!

A great deal of discussion has taken place as to whether or not the messages and answers are authentic communications from the spirits of the dead.  Many Spiritualists and investigators into the occult have held that the board is a means for making direct contact with the dead and that the messages which are spelled out are from the dead.

Others have held that the messages are not true messages, but are the result of muscular tension and unconscious direction of the hand.

Whether or not either group is correct, the Ouija Board is a source of much enjoyment and the messages can cause much merriment when a group is assembled for a pleasant evening.

The Ouija Board consists of a flat board approximately eighteen inches wide and thirty inches long, with a very smooth surface.  On the surface the letters of the alphabet are printed, beginning on the left with “A” and running in two arched rows across the board.  At the bottom of the board is the sentence, “Good Bye.”   More complicated boards may have other sentences in addition to the one suggested.

There is also a small planchette or three-legged table about one-inch high and shaped in the form of a heart about six inches long.  Near the tip of the planchette is a round hole about the size of a silver dollar and covered with transparent material.   In the center of this hole is an opening through which a pin is suspended.   The table is equipped with felt pads on each leg to make movement as easy as possible.

To use the board, two people sit facing each other and rest the board on their knees.   Then each puts the tips of the fingers of both hands on the planchette.  To make the board work most accurately, there must be complete quiet.  Further, the party asking the question must concentrate on the question he wishes to ask.  Do not tell your question to anyone.  You may write it down on a piece of paper and hide the paper where no one will see it.  The other party working with you should not know the question.

Usually you will have to sit quiet and concentrate for about five minutes.  Do not consciously push or pull the planchette.  Permit it to move of its own accord.   After a while it will begin to move over the letters on the board and will stop every now and then directly over a letter.  The letter indicated will be directly under the pin in the planchette.  As it moves it will spell out the answer to your question.

It is not well for one to work for more than half an hour with a Ouija Board, since the concentration necessary may cause a headache or other physical discomfort.

So got your courage up?Are you ready to play?Here are some of My Favorite Interactive Online Ouija’s!

When contacting the “other-side”, you can never be too careful!!!

The Museum of Talking Boards: Try our Interactive Talking Boards

Boards would like to offer you the opportunity to consult our online This is the Ziriya, the preferred talking board for many serious Ouija workers.

Free Online Ouija“-try the Ouija here!

Free Online Ouija Boards

The Ouija has scared and entertained users for over a hundred years. Today that thrill is available in an online game. Often called virtual Ouijas, online Ouijas are relatively easy to find; though some search results for “virtual Ouija board” will lead you to online chat rooms or forums that discuss the Ouija. Some are even downloadable. Some websites offering free online Ouija boards include:

The sites do not require you to sign up for an account or leave any personal information. You simply go to the site and use the board. Most of the websites offering an online Ouija board give directions for use and some offer a short Ouija history.

Free online Ouija boards vary greatly in complexity. Some are restricted to a predetermined list of questions and others allow the user to type questions into a search box. No matter the complexity, these boards work in much the same way. The user asks a question and then gently places his mouse over the pointer. The pointer then moves to an answer. Online boards can be manipulated very easily. The user can guide the pointer by moving the mouse to a desired answer.. OuijaBoard-Click Here Now!

Ask your question: Then hold your mouse lightly on the pointer and follow it as The response: © 1999-2008,


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