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BE CREATIVE!! XBOX 360 comes with a free 30 day XBOX live, I sold mine for $5. Alot of software comes with more than one download. I had one download left for Microsoft Office 2007 and sold it within 30 min for $35. Phone cards, gift certificate, coupons (if it is valuable enough)

Make sure your item has been tested, cleaned, and is ready to go. Do you have a manual, warranty, or original box? Any of these make your item more valuable.

Take pictures. Stage an area to make your photos more appealing. A large sheet or fabric works good to hid anything else from the camera’s view. Assembled items are more appealing. If you have manuals or original boxes, take a photo of them as well.

Before posting decide if you will create an account or not. If you create an account (free) you can modifiy your postings from your account. If you do, an email will be sent for each posting which provides a link. This is the only way to modify you posting (if you delete your email you cannot modifiy your posting)

Post your items in the appropriate location. If you post a city in bold letters it will be posted in all the other cities listed. Most likely someone will not drive 45 min for a small item, but will for a higher priced item or if you are willing to ship the item.

Happy selling !! I ship over 1/2 of my items. I state my shipping policy on my posting so people are more likely to respond. This also gives a bigger target area, since you could post anywhere since you are shipping. Here is a link to my current postings for guidance (Of course once you start posting all your relatives want your help lol)!

Research prices in order to get an idea of what to charge. Ebay has everything and will give you a good idea of what to charge and will also help with the description. Details are IMPORTANT! What size, amps, how old, etc.

Shrink your photos so they upload quicker-a good one is

  • If you have very small items-group them together (instead of selling a small baby toy-sell several together
  • Think outside the box-since NOONE would buy a bottle of baby shampoo try selling a newborn package with diaper changing pad, baby powder, newborn scissors, onesies, etc.
  • If you do not create an account-DO NOT delete your email!

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