Cleaning a Dyson Vaccuum

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Remove canister from base and separate the filter from canister. Rinse outside of filter completely and flip over so that bottom side is up. It doesn’t look too dirty but once you start pouring water in, you will notice how brown the water is that comes out.

Now rinse the canister.

Stretch the vacuum hose and you will see how dirty it is. There is a red push button to release the wand from the hose. The wand doesn’t build-up a lot of dirt but you can use a shower head or sink spray wand to rinse.

At the base of the vacuum there is a U-shaped piece which removes very easily by using a screwdriver to turn the button 1/2 turn. You then slide the piece off.

Now when you rinse the hose water will come right out the bottom. You can place your vacuum over your kitchen sink or bathtub ledge. Alot of guck is in there so you may have to use a little soap and stretch the cord as the water runs through it. Repeat until water runs clear.

Locate the base which is beneath where the canister goes.

Lift the cover, remove filter, and rinse with luke warm tap water. Do not put together your vacuum until all pieces have COMPLETELY dried. I place mine infront of my heater vent. After everything is dry you can put back together and vacuum away. If you assemble your vacuum before all pieces are completely dry, it will create mold and a nasty smell to go along with it.


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