Get Your Baby to Sleep

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In order to get baby to sleep, decide if this is something you can stick to. Being consistent is VERY important. Sending baby mixed messages will only make it harder on you and your baby. This method is not for newborns as they need to be comforted in order to feel secure in their new environment. Once baby is around 4 months of age (every baby is different, only you will know when they are ready), they can learn how to sleep on their own. Any doctor will tell you this is not cruel or harmful to get baby to sleep.

Pay attention to your babies sleep patterns. Try sticking to about the same schedule. It might seem easier to give in, but in the long run it will get baby to sleep. When baby is tired, they should go to sleep. An overtired baby will have a harder time falling asleep on their own. A bedtime ritual is also very useful. Give baby a bath or read a book-anything quiet. When putting on baby’s pajamas say, “After we get your pajamas on, it’s time for bad”. Your baby will not understand, but after time they associate it with bedtime, (‘Hmmm, after story and pajamas I go in my crib and fall asleep’) Crib mobiles and receiving blankets are comforting to baby also. My two youngest loved holding a receiving blanket next to their face. Eventually they associated blanket with bedtime and when they were tired would find blanket and hold by their face.

After putting baby to bed you can let them cry until they fall asleep or go to baby every 5-10 min to comfort and reassure. DO NOT pick baby up, hold, or take out of crib. Refer to step 1-this will send mixed messages to baby. You can rub baby’s back and tell them it’s ok, wind-up mobile, or put binky back into their mouth. Say, “It’s time for bed” and leave the room. This is usually harder for moms (including me). Not because the crying annoys you, but because you feel like you are not being a good mom and need to comfort your baby. All babies have to learn how to sleep on their own at some point. I have seen parents with children as old as 10 years old who still wait until their child falls asleep and then carries them to bed. If it helps, go to an area where you cannot hear your baby crying, put earplugs in, and remind yourself this will get baby to sleep.

Keep on repeating to get baby to sleep. Every baby is different in adjusting. My son Jacob cryed for 1 hour on my first attempt (I was comforting him every 5-10 min but it seemed to only upset him more that I wasn’t taking him out), 40 min (I didn’t go in his room) on 2nd, and only 10 min on his 3rd! My son eric was just a natural and looked at me as though he were saying goodnight. He looked around for a little bit and fell asleep.


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