Are You Doing Your Part?

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What can we as individuals do about the economic conditions we are now forced to deal with? You may be surprised at just how much you can do to help strengthen the economy. One thing is for certain. You won’t get a lot done by sitting around complaining about the State of The Union. Remember we are innovative Americans and we solve our own problems.

This economic crisis we are experiencing is not limited to the United States alone. It is being felt world wide. People are literally running scared. Some are hoarding money like misers, afraid to spend a dime. I am not saying not to be conservative, but going from one extreme to another doesn’t help either. As a matter of fact that way of thinking tends to weaken our economy even more.

We need to start spending more money right here in America. Buying products made in the USA whenever possible would help more than you may imagine. That is what the stimulus check many Americans will receive next month is designed to do. It is putting a few extra bucks in your pockets, so don’t be afraid to spend some of it.Factories are either closing down or laying off workers in record numbers. This is no time to push the panic button and run for cover. Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and go to work. Put your thinking caps back on. Some have not used that cap since they left school. Think of ways your family can help bring life back into our economy.Take more trips right here at home. At least money spent here will help to strengthen the local economy in that area. When was the last time you visited a zoo, bought a book from a bookstore or just took the family to a restaurant or theater? Just doing little things like that will help to boost our economy. I feel certain you may have ideas of your own. We are on the road to recovery and America will once again prove why it is a world leader.


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