Make Baby Food

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Things You’ll Need:

Prepare ingredients by rinsing and pealing (if needed) and cut into pieces. If you are making a fruit baby food, you can skip to the next step. Simmer your cut vegetables in a saucepan on low heat with enough water for heat to circulate until desired tenderness. You can use whatever method desired to cook vegetables ie. vegetable steamer bags.

Drain excess water and wait until they have cooled down a little bit. Put ingredients into blender and blend to desired consistency. Add as much water as needed. Pour into ice cube tray(s) and place in freezer.

When your baby food ice cubes are completely frozen, you can take them out and store in a zipper bag in freezer until ready to use. When removing food from ice cube tray, you may have to dip into warm water briefly before removing.

When you are ready to use them, put into microwave sae container and heat up. Be sure to stir and check temperature before feeding to your baby. It is best to stir several times while heating since they are frozen and the inside will heat faster then the outer part.

Think outside the box by trying squash, corn, or use a few strawberries or kiwi for added flavor to vegetables.

You can add a minimal amount of sugar for flavor.

You can also blend and freeze leftovers for older babies like spaghetti, stew, or noodles from soup with a little broth.

Make many batches in one day so you will have several weeks worth.


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