Sunday, December 17

Norwegian Cream Cake or Blotkake

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When children in Norway gather to celebrate a birthday, on the table will be the traditional party cake called, Blotkake or Cream Cake.  Try this recipe at home or school so children can taste what birthday’;s are like in Norway. Please read through the recipe thoroughly before starting. 

1 sponge cake

Raspberries or other fruit of your choice

a little milk

1 pint whipping cream, whipped in cold metal bowl


Crush some of the berries in a mixing bowl to make juicy. Cut cake into two or three horizontal layers and sprinkle each layer with berry juice to make layers quite moist. (You can add a little milk to the juice if you don’;t think there is enough to do this.) Add a little sugar to the whipped cream and beat well to sweeten. Cover the inner layer or layers with raspberries and then whipped cream.  Stack the cake layers together and cover the top with the rest of the shipped cream. Garnish with lots of remaining berries. You can also use a regular white cake or angel food cake instead of the sponge cake. Enjoy!


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