stretch your budget dollars on the shampoo you use every day

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How to stretch your budget dollars – Shampoo


You can save money on the shampoo you use every day

In these tough economic times we all have to find little ways to save money.

So how do you save money on an item you just can’t live without????

Most of us refuse to change from our favorite shampoo to a cheaper brand, so what can you do to save money on your favorite brand of shampoo?

First thing is to keep an eye out for the ads. Sometimes our favorite brands go on sale and when this happens we really should consider buying more than one bottle.

Shop around, get to know what your brand sells for at regular price at each of the stores near where you live. When you need to replace your shampoo remember which store has it for the cheapest price on a day to day basis and check there first.

Watch for coupons. Many of our favorite brands have coupons from time to time. If you miss the coupon check with friends to see if perhaps they have a coupon for your favorite shampoo. Ask them to keep an eye out for you for coupons as well

There are coupon trading web sites, sometimes the coupons are electronic and offered directly from the manufacturer’s website. Look online for coupons.

Check your local discount store or 99 cents store, they receive a variety of merchandise on a daily basis and their inventory is always changing. Just because they didn’t have it last week when you were there doesn’t mean that they may not have it this week.
If you find it there, buy several!

Finally since we always end up using WAY more than we need to….

When you see that your shampoo bottle is down by about 1/4 or so….
Add water and shake the bottle.

For most shampoo brands this small amount of water is not going to make your shampoo runny by any means, and it will now last longer, not only because you just filled the bottle again but rather because you will now be able to give yourself a smaller amount of shampoo. That thick shampoo gave you a huge amount when you put it into your hand, now you have better control over the amount you use!

You can even dilute it down to a more watery consistency if you don’t mind using it that way.

I dilute it by nearly half which gives me a very watery shampoo. However if you shake up the bottle before you use it you will be getting a shampoo foam, use this foam to lather your hair. You will be surprised as to just how well it really works this thin!

  • Don’t tell anyone in your household that you have diluted their shampoo, odds are that they will never notice!
  • Do tell your family and friends to look out for coupons for the products you love
  • Do keep an eye out for sales
  • Do shop around for the best buy, but do it as part of your regular shopping so you save money on gas
  • saving money can become addictive!
  • shop with a friend this saves gas, but don’t let them talk you into spending more money than you intended
  • DO shop with a list and stick to it!

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